TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers


Ritik wants to surprise Shivanya and plans to marry her again, but Shesha is marrying him. Ritik sees Shivanya when he looks at Shesha, and is oblivious that she is Shesha. Shivanya is shocked to see her sister ditching her. Shesha started loving Ritik and is happy to marry him. Shesha and Ritik are about to take pheras when Shivanya appears as a constable and tries to stop the wedding.. Constable tells Ritik that Ankush Raheja is in jail and they tried to call him. Shesha will fail to marry Ritik and he will end up marrying Shivanya again.


Family members come to know that Shanaya is actually Ishita. They get happy and plan Ishita’s godh bharayi rasam with Shagun’s godh bharayi.. Mrs. Iyer, Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi, Shagun and Ruhi make her get ready. Shanaya is invited for Shagun’s godh bharayi. When she reaches there, Mrs. Bhalla cries and says she is Ishita. Mrs. Iyer asks her why she is troubling her with new identity. Vandita tells her that she got a new life seeing her. Ishita breaks down and tells everyone that she is Ishita. There will be a happy union. The family members make her ready for the function as they know that the baby which Shagun is carrying is of Ishita. Shagun also gets ready and hides from Sarika’s eyes, as everyone is hiding Ishita’s fact from her. Sarika asks why is Shagun wearing ghunghat? Mrs. Bhalla tells her that it is none of her matter and asks her to stay away. Sarika is irked. Nidhi is angry as someone have torn her passport. Sarika and Nidhi share hands. Later, Ashok also reaches the place and tries to know about the Shanaya- Ishita truth, but he is teased by Raman and Simmi. Simmi teases Ashok and tells that he can’t have a baby and be a dad. Ashok gets angry.


Akshara is confused about her hairstyle and clothes during Ananya’s marriage functions. She is tensed about Kuhu and doesn’t want to doubt on Naitik, but there are many questions in her mind. While everyone is busy in sangeet function and dance on the song. Akshara receives a letter sent by someone. She reads the letter and there is something written about Kuhu’s mum. The lady in question might be alive. Naitik have to prove his loyalty and love towards Akshara.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi:

Sonakshi celebrates holi with her family. Dev comes there. Love started to blossom between Dev and Sonakshi. They have poles apart from each other and shows tashan towards each other. Sonakshi throws holi colors on Dev. Dev gets angry and throws colors on her. They look at each other angrily. Holi song plays.


There is a drama in the Modi house with Paridhi’s return. She is angry with her son for marrying a thief, and says she can’t accept Sona as her record is bad. She says my son have not taken my consent for his marriage and have married without informing me. Paridhi keeps all the jewellery of the house and weighs her son with the gold items. She asks Sona to take the jewellery and leave her son. Sona gets confused and thinks she wants both. She gets happy seeing the gold items, but gets sad with Paridhi’s condition, and says she will not leave Tolu. Sona is sure that her mum in law will accept her one day. Kokila dislikes Paridhi’s behavior and makes it clear. It will be all well with Gopi’s interference. She will try to convince Paridhi.


Komal Singh, brother of Munna have conspired against Somendra and Sarojini and filled barood in holi pichkari, but when he fails, he tries to shoot Somendra. There will be a blast in the show.


Malti makes Simar’s brother in laws fight with each other to get the chandramani’s pieces. Simar’s brother in laws hold knife in their hands and is about to stab each other. Simar stops them. Malti thinks Simar will give away Chandramani to her.

Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Raunaq dances with Kajal during holi celebrations. He drinks Bhaang and speaks his heart out. He confesses his love, applies colors on her face and says happy holi. Janki Devi gets angry. She couldn’t bear to see Kajal and her daughter in her house, and wonders how to stop Raunaq’s growing affection towards Kajal’s daughter.



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