New entries in Saathiya to pose danger for Vidya and Meera



Gaura and Kokila play with holi colors and are happy. Gaura puts holi colors on Kokila. They dance like old friends, but it is yet to be seen if everyone will be fine. Actually everyone comes to know about the good news that Vidya is pregnant. Kokila gets happy, thinks Ahem and Gopi will become grand parents. Gaura have invited Kokila and family to give them good news. Meera is also happy as her sister gives the good news and hopes good things will happen. There is a twist and suspense as usual. Dharam’s daughter Nayya will make an entry in the show and will slap Meera. Shravan mistakenly shot his sister Nayya’s husband. Nayya is a widow and has come to take Shravan’s baby.

There are new entries in the show. Three dangerous ladies with guns make an entry in holi party. The three ladies are Nayya’s inlaws. The lady aims gun at Kokila, Gopi and Ahem. She says we have to take Vidya so that her child is born at her home. Kokila asks who is she to take Vidya with them, whats happening. The old lady says she is Gaura’s enemy, she lost her grandson because of Gaura. Gaura has promised her that she will give her the next generation child to her. The lady asks for Shravan and Vidya’s child. She comes to take away Vidya at gun point. Kokila has to test the authenticity of the matter, if this turns out to Gaura’s another cheap plan….. Nayya will fool everyone in simple widow attire and then get inside Modi house to marry Paridhi’s son Molu. Nayya will take a western look in the show and create trouble. Gaura’s grand daughter will be new enemy of Modi family. Keep reading.


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