Niddhi discloses Ishita’s innocence; Holi to bring many twists…


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Raman and Ishita reach hotel room. Shanaya tries to woo Raman and get intimate with him. Raman is surprised. She dances on a romantic song and tries to woo Raman holding rose in her hand. Shanaya is determined to win Raman to show Niddhi. Niddhi gets jealous, and peeps in their room. She thinks how can Raman do this? Ishita challenges Niddhi that she will be successful and will make Niddhi lose. She will win her love and family. Ishita tells Niddhi that Raman will be just hers and Niddhi can’t do anything.

At holika dahan puja, Bhalla family is celebrating. Raman and Ishita’s truth is out to everyone, except Niddhi and Sarika. Shanaya is doing puja with Raman. Niddhi gets angry and tells Sarika that Ishita was innocent, and she has trapped her. Shagun hears Niddhi accepting her crimes. Shagun informs everyone about Niddhi’s confession. Niddhi and Sarika will be kicked out from Bhalla house. This holi will bring many twists and all things will get fine. Keep reading.




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