TR Round Up Spoilers





Raman and Ishita apply color to each other and celebrate holi. Ashok is after Shanaya and Niddhi is after Raman to apply holi first. Ashok wants to color Shanaya in his love. Niddhi sees no one applied color to Raman and thinks I will apply color to him first. Ashok collides with Niddhi and she falls. Ishita makes Ashok push Niddhi and laughs. Niddhi scolds Ashok and they get into a fight. Raman and Ishita smile and after many hurdles, they celebrate holi together. Ishita plays holi with Ruhi. Raman and Ruhi then act with Niddhi, and apply holi to Niddhi with love. Niddhi believes Raman’s love is true.


Sid and Roshni play holi. Rang barse plays in bg. Roshni did not wish to dance with Sid and then flowed in the tune. Sid makes her dance and they spend some moments to celebrate holi. There is romance tadka in holi. Roshni hugs him. Sid dances with his family and DD.


The devil was marrying the three brides. The husbands try to stop Devil. They have even stolen Chandramani from Simar. They hand over Chandramani to devil. The devil double crosses them and kicks out the family. He plans to break the family’s unity and ruin their happiness. Choti Dulhan stops the marriage by making Khushi, Uma and Pari come to their senses. The three brides get shocked seeing the devil and rush out from there.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum:

Rahul applies color to Maanvi. The family celebrates holi. Maanvi’s happiness is back, as Rahul’s life has become fine. He used to become tiger at night and attack people. Now he has turned normal.

Tashan E Ishq:

Twinkle takes Rajjo to the mandap. Rajjo is getting married to her lover. There is tashan twist again. Chaudhary was troubling Kunj for Rajjo’s marriage. Rajjo is happy marrying her true love Raja. Yuvraj goes to provoke Chaudhary against Kunj. He goes with Chaudhary to find Kunj and Twinkle. Chaudhary is angry that Kunj has run away with Twinkle and cheated Rajjo. Yuvi says we can find them, and Chaudhary will kill them.


Rishi has come in Tanu’s city. He gets surrounded by the girls. They ask for his autograph and photos. He enjoys the attention of the girls. Rishi gets Tanu’s chain with Tanu and his pic. Tanu runs after him to get her chain. Rishi will recall his childhood with Tanu. Rishi does not believe in love yet. Tanu feels sad seeing Rishi’s behavior towards her.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Tiwari ji falls off from the scooter and gets hurt. Vibhuti laughs as this was his plan. Anita wants to ride the bike, but she is irritated seeing Vibhuti’s unemployment.

Mere Angne Mein:

Its Preeti’s sangeet. Shanti is very happy and gets angry seeing Mama teasing Sarla. Shanti beats him with her slipper and gets all her anger out. Sharmili tries to control Mama. Sujeev and Pari dance, while Nimmi, Rani, Sonal and others dance. Shanti asks Kaushalya and Raghav to dance. Sharmili comes in between and tries to dance with Raghav. Preeti’s sangeet and mehendi function is happening, but Shanti is still worried for Preeti’s marriage. Vyom is happy seeing Preeti’s beauty and dances with her. Shanti challenged Riya that even her bidaai will happen with Preeti’s marriage. Raghav is upset seeing Shanti and Riya’s row. Kaushalya tells Raghav what mistakes Riya did, and feels Riya wishes bad for Preeti. Kaushalya makes Riya away from sangeet dance and mehendi function.


  1. In MAM, they have made lead character Riya so weak. Then why was there need of making her lead. Every time they show that bad wins over good. This is giving wrong msg to society. Shanti n sarla have done so many scandals. But never came out. Bad story line. Need to improve alot. Its good that now its half an hour show.


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