TGI Friday’s Spoilers




Twinkle has reached the place to save Kunj. She gets there in nick of the time when Chaudhary was just attacking Kunj by the sword. She runs to Kunj and hugs him, asking Chaudhary to kill her first. Sword was hitting Kunj, but Twinkle declared they will live and die together. Ishaqzaade…..plays…. She says Kunj is her husband. Chaudhary was angry on Kunj and threatened to kill him. Twinkle saved Kunj’s life, but Chaudhary has sent both of them to death cell. After these twists, Kunj’s lost love and misunderstandings get clear.


Dharam will be dying in the show. Gaura will be putting blame on Meera. Dharam’s death will be a death. It will be Gaura’s planning against Meera.


After Arzoo and Sandhya’s big fight, the revelation of Arzoo comes to core. The confusion ends. Bhabho tells Sandhya that she has made Arzoo stay back to celebrate holi with Chotu. Bhabho tells her fear about Chotu, who loves Piya and not Arzoo. Bhabho wanted to bring the newly weds close in holi, and arranged that house for Arzoo. Arzoo turns out to be innocent, but gets shot by Sandhya in her long unwanted silence during the fight. Arzoo did not speak a word when Sandhya was slapping and pushing her. Arzoo’s intentions could not be judged by Sandhya at that moment, as Arzoo did not answer her. Sandhya was right on her part to shoot Arzoo, but Rathi family regards this to be Sandhya’s big mistake.


Imli plays holi with Chakor happily, after Kasturi and Bhuvan request her. Chakor is happy to play holi with her family after 10 years. Bhaiya ji meets the minister. The minister tells Bhaiya ji that if Chakor participates in the national marathon, then Aazaadgunj will prosper. He says Bhaiya ji will be getting big funding from government. Bhaiya ji rethinks of his decision on Chakor’s participation.


Rana ji has touched Badi Rani’s feet and took her blessings. Rana ji throws colors and begins the holi celebrations. Lakshraj gets hurt by the arrow. He gets wounded an falls down. The holi party gets shocking for Rana ji and Rageshwari. Savitri runs to save Lakshraj by bringing some cure for his first aid.


Dhaani’s Grah pravesh is done in her inlaws. While Kanak brings the hot coal to take Agni Pariksha of Dhaani, Dasharath stops Kanak from troubling Viplav and Dhaani. Sushma accepts Dhaani happily and does her Grah pravesh with all the rituals. Dhaani’s life has got colors. Kanak decided to trouble Dhaani. More of Saas-bahu drama will be seen.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:

Sunny has turned much mad and did another crime in his way to get Nandu. Sunny realized that Nandu cheated him and acted with Raju to fool him. Sunny kills Luthra and puts blame on Garima. He has send threatening messages from Garima’s phone. Garima gets arrested for the murder blame on her. Sunny plans to send Raju away. Raju and Nandu did not expect Sunny to kill someone. Raju who is planning ahead of Sunny did not know Sunny’s sudden shocking plan. Raju lays a new plan to catch Sunny red handed.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan stops Thapki from going ahead with divorce. He requests her to give him a chance to prove himself. He tells her that he wishes to keep their marriage. Thapki gets in dilemma. Thapki gets to know her marriage truth, that Vasundara has forced Bihaan to marry her. She realizes Bihaan was never at fault. Krishnakant and Poonam come to Pandey Nivaas. Bihaan brings Thapki back home. Thapki wants to give another chance to her marriage. She tells her parents that she will give second chance to Bihaan. Entire family gets happy with Thapki’s decision. Bihaan and Thapki take everyone’s blessings. Thapki has some other plan to come back to Pandey Nivaas.



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