Misunderstandings get Rishi and Tanu closer in Colors’ Kasam



Rishi and Tanu meet in the party. He tells her about his numerous girlfriends. Tanu gets jealous. Rishi holds her hand and takes her. Tanu decided to stop Rishi’s engagement.

Rishi and Tanu have a dance in his engagement party. They get close and dance infront of everyone. Tanu and Rishi have forgotten everything, while dancing on the romantic number. Rishi does not know that Tanu is not the girl with whom he is getting engaged. He gets mistaken and dances with Tanu, assuming she is going to become his fiancee. Rishi’s family too dances happily. There is big drama when Rishi’s misunderstanding her cleared. Rishi then gets to know the girl, and dances with his to be fiancee.



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