Ruhi’s death twist to highlight YHM with IshRa’s separation…



Ruhi has died and the blame has come on Ishita. The family is crying and shattered. Raman calls Ishita unlucky and tells that since she came in his life, everything got ruined. He says Ishita is Ruhi’s step mum and she has proved it. Ishita cries, as Raman scolds her angrily. Raman and Ishita’s love will be ending. Raman asks Ishita why did she become Devi, doing great things are always not necessary when it comes to keep family at stake. He says even when Ishita was not in his life, Ruhi was always there, and now Ruhi has gone much away from him. He asks Ishita what will she do without Ruhi now. He ends all ties with Ishita. He shouts and calls Ishita the root of all problems. He asks her not to bring her unlucky face back in his house. He blames her a lot. Ishita has nothing to say. Raman calls Ishita a murderer. He asks why did she come in his life, and weeps. Their relation has broken. Ruhi will be coming back for her Ishi Maa. Shagun delivers Ishita and Raman’s baby. With the baby entry, Ruhi will be seen away from the show. Keep reading.


  1. This is really rubbish. Always hurting ishra and ruhi. Really the writer has gone mad. This serial top’s only because of this triangular love. Instead of doing such things they can end it.

  2. The writer is getting hard crazy, and all actors either. What a gossip plot! it takes us too much time to follow. Unending tragedies always. Too tired of seeing it. At last, please let Ishita to leave this world which makes Raman and writer more happier

  3. Best thing is to end the serial
    Nothin left so writer coming wid sum really bullshit ideas…Dont tell me tat u want the charm of the show…the whole reason why ishra came together to die…..Insane

  4. Its impossible to imagine the serial without ruhi.after all she is the star of the show, her cute smile,lovely acting,charming looks,sweet voice,,,please don’t let ruhi get off the show.

  5. This serial is going out of control. The writer want to make another kasauto zindagi ki… Please dont plan for ruhis death

  6. this drama now shoud end.bcoz daily problems only.even no any happiness….we watching drama for get relaxsation…bt this drama nt give it..i think this should be end.wt good things happaning for ishitha and ramans family

  7. Better to end this serial instead of showing this much negativity.. It seems like you are giving message to society that at the end evils wins.. Now watching this serial like taking a pain.. No happiness..I stopped to watching damm pathetic.. Go get some break Mr. Writer and yeah Ekta kapoor this was not expected from you at least

  8. How can ishita dump her own daughter and live with a complete stranger in Australia. This storyear line is so crap. Bad luck follows i-shit-a. They should hv let her drown and kept Nidhi

  9. I’m Requesting this from the writer. Please don’t separate the two families Iyers and Bhallas. Please bring Raman, Ishitha , Adi , Ruhi and Pihu. Please make all of them become a happy family again including Shagun , Aliya and Mani. Please take of Niddi who is the problem. Please make them together in YHM. Yhis is a kind request from a YHM fan.


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