Shanti plots and prepares for Riya’s Bidaai in Mere Angne Mein


mere angne mein4

Shanti has made Riya and Mohit’s video, which she will interpret wrong infront of the family. She is very happy to use the proof against Riya at the marriage function. Nandu’s attempt to stop Preeti’s marriage fails. Shanti is on cloud nine and makes a special doli for Riya. Riya too decorates the doli thinking its for Preeti. Shanti tells Sarla that this time she will do Riya’s bidaai.


Shanti has just one agenda to trap Riya in her plans. She spoiled the puja items so that blame comes on Riya. Riya comes downstairs and does not see Shanti. Shanti wants Riya to do big mistake. Shanti applies oil to the kalash and will make it fall to show the abshagun done by Riya. Riya will be blamed for the drama. Riya gets to know that if anything happens in Preeti’s marriage, she will have to leave the house as well. Riya cries after Shanti challenges her.


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