TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Meera is going to jail. She dresses as a bride and has hope that her Dharam will come back. She applies sindoor and smiles. Meera loves Dharam and is ready to bear any punishment. She is going to get hanged for the death of Dharam, there was no murder and even then she is facing the jail. She makes a wish that she wants to die as a suhaagan. She cries recalling Dharam. She says I m sure that my Dharam ji will surely come, I will be with my family soon. She is confident as Gopi and Kokila have told her that Dharam is alive. She has faith that Dharam and her family will save her. Gopi stands on Kokila’s shoulders and looks inside some window. They both try to find Dharam to prove Meera innocent.


Rishi and his friends make fun of Tanu. They gossip about the girls. Rishi jokes on Tanu, as she gets few proposals. The guys see the pics of the proposals coming for his friends and comment on every pic. There are some motives behind Rishi’s making joke of Tanu. He jokes about her beauty and height so that his friends don’t accept Tanu’s proposal.


Kumudini and Tulsi are performing as Krishnadaasis. Aradhya joins them in the dance. Tulsi gets angry and is in dilemma. Tulsi is unhappy seeing Aradhya as Krishnadaasi. Kumudini has made Aradhya helpless to perform as Krishnadaasi infront of everyone. Kumudini has got Aradhya in the temple. Aradhya gets shocked seeing the ghungroos gifted by Kumudini. Tulsi stops Aradhya from dancing and dances instead her. Tulsi is crying in her heart and dances in high spirits. Kumudini dances along with Tulsi. Aradhya looks on shocked. There will be big twist in the show.


Niddhi was going to beat Ruhaan with a stick and Aaliya sees that. Aaliya calls Ishita over there to save Ruhaan. Ruhaan has suffering that Niddhi is not dealing her well. Ishita goes to take police help for Ruhaan. Ruhaan scolds Ishi Maa. Police takes Niddhi. Ruhaan gets angry recalling how Ishita gave Ruhi away to Niddhi. Ruhaan asks Ishita is she his mother. Ruhaan asks police to take away Ishita and recalls Niddhi’s bitter words. Ruhaan calls Ishita a stranger and asks her not to interfere in his life. Ishita leaves from there.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Tiwari ji is using the fact that Angoori is not at home. He plays badminton game with Anita. They sing song and play the game filmi way. Anita has gone back to her childhood. Tiwari ji is supporting her. He is playing song and matching her steps to play badminton. Tiwari ji and Vibhuti have competition to impress Anita. Tiwari ji did not know when rickshaw has hit him. Tiwari ji falls down. Tiwari ji is always after Anita and can do anything to impress her.


There is new entry in SSK. There will be thriller in the show now. Roli had died and Siddhant has gone mad. He wants revenge and tries to kill Simar. Everyone stop him. The family thinks what happened to Siddhant. Simar came to meet nt to know his state, but he attacks her. He feels Simar tries to show her greatness and they lost Roli. A family member of Bharadwaj family will be dying and then suspense will be made to find the killer.

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi is caught by Akhiraj’s goons. She is along with Shivam and Nimboli. She fights with the goons and shows courage. Akhiraj comes there and aims to shoot at her. Anandi shoots at Akhiraj’s leg. Kundan shouts Babusa. Akhiraj tries to kill everyone. He has succeeded to kill Dadisaa and tries hard to kill Anandi. Jagya comes there and shoots Akhiraj. Akhiraj will be dying. There will be leap in the show.


Naksh comes with Sangram in the wrestling ground. Sangram fights with the wrestler and wins. The opponent challenges Naksh to see his strength. The villagers say they want to say if city guy Naksh is deserving of Tara. Naksh says he will not let Dada ji’s name get spoiled. Naksh fights with the village wrestler and everyone see the match. Naksh has taken the challenge and he has to show his powers. Naksh runs to get saved from the wrestler. He shows his speed and then gets caught by the wrestler. Naitik has come to the village to celebrate and enjoy the functions in Naksh’s marriage. Naitik reaches there and sees the match.




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