Good relieve and celebrations time for Swaragini…



Sanskar is staying in his sasural and have become Jamai Raja. He is ordering his wife and want to enjoy his status at their home. He thinks to behave like a king and teases Swara. Swara applies ice pack on his neck to relieve him from pain. Durga Prasad’s birthday is next in the track.

Swara and Ragini plan together for Durga Prasad’s birthday. Everyone get happy seeing the arrangements. Durga prasad cuts the cake and feeds cake piece to Annapurna and all. Swara happens to know about his birthday and plan to arrange a surprise birthday party for him. She arranges cake and food. Parineeta gets jealous of Swara and Ragini. Swara realizes Parineeta is not happy and feigning a fake smile. They take the family photo after the birthday celebrations.


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