Highlight: Riya and Shivam to face divorce jitters…


mere angne mein1

Riya has saved Preeti from Mohit and got her home. But till then Nimmi got married to Vyom, which comes as a big shock to the family. Sharmili refuses to accept Nimmi as Vyom’s wife and kicks her out of home. Nimmi married to save her family respect and refuses to go home. Nimmi gets adamant to stay at Sinha house. Meanwhile, Preeti’s life has been ruined by Mohit. He did not marry her and taunts her that no one will marry her now. Nandu comes ahead to marry Preeti, which was not expected from the family. Shanti blames Riya to be responsible for all this.


Shanti and Sarla get together to break Shivan and Riya. Amma ji wants Riya and Shivam to get divorced, and that’s why she called a lawyer there to discuss the divorce proceeding. Shivam thinks Riya sent him and beats him angrily. Sarla says we have made a case against Riya, and have true and also false proofs. Shivam signs on the papers without knowing the truth. He thinks Riya have sent divorce papers and want divorce from him. Amma ji and Sarla send same papers to Riya, after taking Shivam’s signatures. Riya calls Shivam to clear the matter, but Shivam being angry refuses to talk to her.


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