Raman to come across Ishita and Ruhi..


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Niddhi is prohibiting Ruhi from visiting any social networking site or media, as she fears that her past will be back. Ruhi wants to know about her family, but Niddhi have blocked social networking site as she don’t want Raman and his family to know that Ruhi is alive and staying with her as Ruhaan. Ishita sees Raman on TV screen, as he receives enterpreneur of the year award. She gets teary eyes. Mani also gets tears seeing Ishita crying seeing Raman after many years. He plays piano to bring out his feelings. Ishita sees him sad. Niddhi asks Ruhaan to get ready and perform in the concert, but to her shock, Ruhaan refuses to perform in the concert, as Niddhi have blocked her access from social networking site. She catches Ruhi seeing her siblings’s pic on facebook and gets angry.

Later on, Mani plays music on the piano while Ishita sings song. Mani wants to confess love to Ishita, but couldn’t confess love. Ishita speaks to him, but doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Ishita is made for Raman and her Mohabbatein is for him. Mani wants Ishita to be happy and thinks to give her happiness. Ishita reaches Ruhi’s house. Ruhi in her sleep asks why did you leave me? Ishita hears her, but couldn’t understand Ruhi/Ruhaan’s pain. Raman lands in Australia for work purpose and collides with Ishita and Ruhi.



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