Sanskaar and Swara’s romantic date in Swaragini…



Swara and Sanskaar meet on the terrace. They have a romantic date. Janam janam…..plays…………… Sanskaar presents a beautiful gift for her. They are together on a perfect date, its romantic scene, they want to say something in signs, they got these romantic moments after long time. Sanskaar and Swara plan their date. Sanskaar and Swara decided that they will not consummate their marriage till things get fine. After everything got well now, the couple consummates their marriage with a romantic union. It seems there is much happiness, but Rajat’s entry will bring hurdles. Rajat has entered as Uttara’s boyfriend. He will be creating problems for Swara and bring many big twists in the show. Rajat is the new negative character, who will be against Swara.


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