Adarsh and Swadheenta’s next task in Dahleez…



Adarsh has taken the challenge to win Swadheenta’s love and also convince her father by becoming his best student. Adarsh starts working hard day and night to practice well for the competition with Jeevan. He just wants to make Mr. Ramakrishnan understand that someone else can be better than Jeevan too. Adarsh wins in the short competition against Jeevan. He tries hard to make Swadheenta admit her feelings to him. Swadheenta starts falling for Adarsh and stops her emotions by recalling the promise she made to her father.

Jeevan also loves Swadheenta since many years and does not let her go easily. He cancels the engagement to directly keep the marriage. Swadheenta realizes her feelings for Adarsh, after seeing how hardly he is trying. Swadheenta takes a lesson from Asad and Radhika’s love story too. She fears for Adarsh, recalling Asad’s accident after his heart break. Swadheenta admits her love to Adarsh, after his constant selfless attempts to win her heart. All gets well for the lovers, and next phase comes the families’ approval. How will Adarsh and Swadheenta convince their families? Keep reading.


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  1. I would appreciate if u could continue playing dhaleez in starplus. Its the only best serial running in television nw.people actually wait for tht serial. Instead sath nibhana sathiya, diya or batti shuld go off air as its running aince ages n no story also left people r bored also watching these old serials.just change the timing n trp will increase lik crazy of dhaleez. Anyway silsila pyar ka is going off air u cn give tht slot to dhaleez. People actually cannot miss one episode also. Some people must be watching it in the evening or in hotstar, bt its a popular serial. U guys just cant make a fool of ours to sy dhaleez hs less trp nobody would belive. Kindly donot stop playing DHALEEZ.


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