Shocking twists during Nakshatra’s marriage in Yeh Rishta…



Akshara gives some tips to Tara before the marriage. Naksh and Tara’s grand marriage is happening. Tara gets emotional talking to her brothers. Akshara makes Naksh wear the sehra. Akshara gets to know about Tara’s prenuptial agreement. Tara refuses for the contract, and someone else gets those papers. There are misunderstandings between Tara and family. Akshara asks Tara to share her worries with her, and not fall in anyone’s words. Tara goes and does aarti of her brothers and Dada ji. They all hug Tara.

Akshara does Naksh’s aarti and they take the baraat. Naksh falls down from the horse. Before Naksh could control the horse, the horse makes him fall and runs away. Everyone take care of Naksh. Akshara and Naitik do not believe this is abshagun and face the things with a positive approach. Akshara gets the tractor from the farm and drives it herself, asking everyone to decorate the tractor fast, the baraat will go in tractor. Naksh sits in the tractor and Akshara drives it to take baraat to Tara’s place. Everyone dance happily and take baraat. Naksh and Tara’s marriage becomes a unique one. There will be big twist in the marriage. Keep reading.


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