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Median zing spoilers


Kokila and everyone are torturing Gaura, to make her admit that Dharam is alive. Gaura tries to kill Kokila and lifts a knife. Ahem stops Gaura and scolds her. Gaura threatens to kill all of them.



Prem has married Chandramani. The marriage gets completed before Simar comes there. Chandramani is very happy to get married to Prem. Mata ji is happy as the new bahu will be getting money for them. Mata ji and Bharadwaj family do not know they are in trance by Chandramani’s spell. Mata ji blesses Prem and Chandramani.

Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Raunak and Kajal were acting to be married till now. But, finally they both got married. They take the wedding rounds and get married by all rituals. Janki Devi could not do anything to stop the wedding. Janki blesses Raunak and Kajal. Raunak and Kajal’s love will become mutual love. There will be romance between them. Janki is not happy and has failed to let Raunak and Kajal marry. She will stop Raunak and Kajal from being together. Janki fears to lose Raunak.


Rana ji’s funeral is going on. Badi Rani Maa sheds crocodile tears. Rana ji’s final rites is happening. Some people are giving him best wishes. His uncle is lighting the woods. People cheer for Rana ji so that he becomes Amar. A mysterious horse rider takes Rana ji’s body. The horse Rider is actually Gayatri. Gayatri is doing this to save Rana ji. Kaal follows Gayatri. Badi Rani shouts that she wants Gayatri alive. The people hear her and get angry. They all beat up Badi Rani Maa. Badi Rani falls down and bites dust. Gayatri will be alive and Rana ji will be dying, story will get leap and new Rana ji will come. Gayatri’s daughter will be like Gayatri lookwise, who will teach big lesson to Badi Rani Maa.


Ishita has reached hospital after the melodrama in the hospital. Ishita and Mihika share a talk about the past and have a great time. Aaliya takes their pics. Mani and Aaliya cheer up Ishita. Ruhaan lands in Mumbai and meets Ishita to trouble her. Ruhaan tells her that he can’t do her shoot. Ishita says you can’t do this, you signed contract with us. Ruhaan says its business, I can break any contract, the rival company is paying double to me. Ishita and Raman have hit and miss situation. Adi will be meeting Ishita. He gets shocked seeing Ishita alive. Ishita does not realize its Adi. Mihika does not tell Bhalla family that Ishita is alive.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Angoori Bhabhi ji is back and sings Bhor Bhaare Pangat Pe song while doing the puja at the tulsi plant. Vibhuti is very happy seeing her back. He says I heard your sound and feel like my ears got peace. He asks when did she miss him. She says she remembered him seeing the bad things in her village. Vibhuti gets irritated.



Meenakshi, Bhabho, Sandhya and Arzoo go out and make their husbands assume that they have left the house. They teach their husbands a lesson. Rathi women goes on a picnic, leaving their husbands at home. The women enjoy a lot.

Jamai Raja:
jamai raja211

Jamai Raja has become Action Jackson once again. He has become filmi hero and he is beating the goons. Sid has just 24 hours to save his family. Sid has to protect his family from Yash. Roshni says I m not mad to marry Yash, I have my Siddharth, my husband. Roshni has done action too, and Sid saves her in time. Amol aims gun at Roshni. Sid and Roshni fight with Amol and Yash, and run away from the godown.

yeh rishta5

Naksh starts shouting on Sangram. Tara has run away from the mandap. Naksh is angry and had argument with Tara. Tara does not tell anyone and goes from there. Naksh announces that he breaks his relation with Tara. Dada ji gets a big shock, while all the happiness turns into grief.


Viplav brings Dhaani home and introduces her as his love and wife. Dadi Bua gets angry knowing Viplav and Dhaani’s relation. She questions Dasharath for his lie and reminds of the promise which he had given her. Kamini is attracted towards Viplav, and her dreams shatters seeing Viplav’s love and care towards Dhaani, but she determines to get Viplav anyhow as Dadi Bua backs her fully. Dasharath will scold Kanak for her wrong planning, and will try to separate Viplav and Dhaani.


  1. It has been almost a week since the last spoiler,,,.Even the Tr’s Friday Spoilers were not updated..
    Please update soon.


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