TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi has realized his love for Pragya… Bolna song plays. There is love between them, but they do need to confess love to each other. He says Abhi got Pragya’s love and support, although he is trapped in Tanu’s conspiracy. Pragya will take time to confess love. Abhi and Pragya’s love story have passed through many troubles. Abhi hugs Pragya and confesses his love. Tanu hears him and gets jealously shocked. Abhi and Pragya come to the party. They meet Emraan Hashmi, as part of film promotion Azhar.


saathiya kokila

Gopi gets ready for her 25th Marriage anniversary and looks for a newly wed bride. She is happy to receive the gift given by Ahem. There is a twist to her happiness. All the ladies of Modi family will get kidnapped. It is yet to be seen what will happen to Dharam and Meera’s love story.

yeh hai mhbtn9

Ishita is trying to hide from her own family and Raman’s family. Ishita makes drunkard Raman sit in the car and is about to drive the car. She tries to hide her face from Simmi, Mrs. Bhalla and Nidhi. Mrs. Bhalla and Niddhi collide with each other, but they miss seeing each other, while Ishita takes Raman in her car. It will be fun when Ishita’s truth comes infront of everyone. Ishita brings unconscious Raman to her house and gets emotional seeing him. She sleeps hugging him. She imagines Raman waking up and seeing her at his side. He hugs her instantly. Ishita hugs him and cries. She is pained and tries to hide her identity from Raman. She wants to tell him about her, but stops herself.

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Rishi have confessed love to Tanu and says he will marry her only. Tanu couldn’t confess her love and limits her love only to her heart. Though she is in pain, she hides her feelings. Rishi angrily asks her to confess and grabs knife threatening to kill himself. He couldn’t see Tanu getting engaged to Pavan. Tanu folds her hands and asks him not to increase her troubles. She snatches knife from his hand and gets her finger injured mistakenly. Later when she is brought for the engagement. Rishi looks on sad, but after looking at her injured finger ring, he gets happy. He celebrates with his friends. It is a nice twist as Tanu wears ring on her right hand finger, and Rishi gets happy thinking proper engagement haven’t happened. Tanu is disheartened because of his mummy’s taunts. It will be tough for Rishi to prove that Pavan is not right guy for Tanu. Pavan asks Tanu to dance with her. Tanu agrees, but looks at Rishi while dancing with Pavan. Rishi gets upset.


Surpanakha gives marriage proposal to Ram. Lakshman gets angry, tries to cut her nails, but gets her nose cut. Sita scolds Lakshman for insulting a woman. Surpanakha reaches Ravan with her nose cut. Ravan gets angry seeing her sister’s nose bleeding and cut. Sita will be kidnapped by Ravan in Siya Ke Ram, and then Ram and Lakshman will go on a mission to search Sita.


Rajat comes with his fake parents along with baraat. Sujata welcomes him with aarti and tilak. Suddenly Utara faints during marriage as she comes to know about his truth. Rajat takes her to room. Swaragini exposes Rajat. Rajat takes Swara with him while keeping gun on her neck. He was sure that they will do something and that’s why brings goons along with baraatis. He kidnaps Swara and goes. Everyone is shocked and go behind Rajat to save Swara. Ragini promises her mum that she will not let anything happen to Swara. There will be twist leading to Swara’s kidnapping.

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Bihaan keeps gun on his head as he couldn’t bear the accusations that he tried to kill his own dad by Vasundara. He has gone mad and put revolver on his head, but Thapki comes on time, moves the gun and bullet is fired in air. He feels very much guilty. Bihaan thinks he doesn’t know what happened that day. Thapki will prove Bihaan innocent.


Adarsh gives bouquet to Swadheenta while on a date with her in the restaurant. Their love story is blossoming and proceeding towards next step, ie. Marriage. Adarsh and Swadheenta discuss about their marriage arrangements, food, guest list, decorations, etc. They decide sitting in an amazing restaurant. They decide to keep crackers too celebrating their marriage. Someone is planning big against them and bomb will blast during their marriage. A terrorist attack will come to the picture, stopping their marriage.

Hamari Bahu Rajni Kant:


Surili is celebrating her birthday with her family members. Rajni makes arrangements for her sasumom’s birthday along with her family members. She brings whistle, balloons and decorations to surprise Surili. The highlight of the party is cake which is truly in bengali style, to make Surili happy. Surili gets happy seeing fish shaped cake. Rajni’s style is different from the rest, as she wears tie with blouse.

Bhabhi ji GPH:


Anita gets romantic and sings a song…….wooing Vibhuti ji. She dances with him. Vibhuti ji’s concentration is on Tiwari now, and he throws stone on Tiwari. He thinks to romance with Angoori ji, because of Dhongi baba. Dhongi baba told Vibhuti ji that if he throws stone on Tiwari then Angoori will come closer to him.



Akshara and her family come to picnic spot, but she is tensed for Karishma and Mishti’s relaion. Naksh saves Akshara who was trapped in fire. Akshara and Mishti were in bus, while the bus caught fire it. Naksh jumps to save his mum and Mishti.



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