Raman and Ishita’s post leap meet turns bitter…



Ishita is restless after meeting Raman. Ishita requests to drop her at airport, as she can’t stay here for long. Mani does not know reason for her sudden step and agrees to her being her good friend. He drops her at airport. Ishita then gets a call and she changes her decision to leave from Delhi. Mani gets confused. Ishita will be meeting Raman after seven years.

Pihu’s life fell in risk because of Adi. She stands in the middle of the road and shouts for Adi. Ishita saves Pihu in nick of the time. Raman gets angry on Adi and slaps him. Pihu gets saved. Ishita and Pihu witness Raman and Adi’s arguments. Ishita consoles Adi. Raman calls Adi foolish to risk Pihu’s life. Adi was planning to unite Raman and Ishita. Adi wanted Ishita and Raman to meet, and did this. Ishita understands Adi’s pain and hugs him. Adi cries and tells her about Raman’s behavior. Raman scolds Ishita and leaves with Pihu. Ishita cries and feels she should get away from Raman’s life. Raman is angered on Ishita for hiding her existence truth and keeping him in guilt for so long. He thinks she cheated him and did not inform she is alive. Will Ishita be able to end their differences? Keep reading.


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