Breakup, revelations and accusations lined up in Krishnadasi



Aradhya has survived Aryan’s mum’s attack. She has come back home. Aradhya is in love with Aryan. She talks to Kumudini. Kumudini tells Aradhya about their enmity between the families. Aradhya’s heart broke and is shattered, as Aryan has refused to marry Aradhya. Kumudini tells Aradhya that she will teach Aryan a lesson. Kumudini’s big secret is out. Aryan is Kumudini’s grandson and Aradhya belongs to Pradhyumna’s family. Aryan and Aradhya were swapped in hospital at the time of birth and their family got changed.


Kumudini has swapped the babies purposely so that Tulsi’s son gets into Pradhyumna’s family. Kumudini wanted to make Pradhyumna’s granddaughter a Krishnadasi to take revenge. Aradhya is sad after her breakup with Aryan. Aryan wants to get away from Aradhya after seeing his mother’s hatred for Aradhya. He wants to secure Aradhya by breaking up with her. Kumudini will be accusing Aryan for molesting Aradhya. In upcoming track, Aryan will be going jail and will get married to Aradhya in jail.


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