TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Simar has been bitten by a bee. Simar is cursed by Aghori Baba. His Tapasya gets ruined because of her. She gets the curse and turns into a honey bee. Mata ji’s memory has come back. Simar has given Agni pariksha to get good results. Mata ji is back in her old form. Chandramani has challenged Simar. She says she will marry Prem at any cost. Prem does not believe Simar and I want them to get away.


Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant:

Rajni has replaced the house maid Aishwarya. She talks like Aishwarya and takes the same getup. Rajni is sure that she can do any work. Surili challenges Rajni to finish all the work. Rajni takes the challenge. Surili thinks Rajni will manage all the work. But Rajni becomes Aishwarya and starts charging money for all the work. Rajni adds up to Surili’s problems. Surili regrets to challenge Rajni.


Sandhya is worried as Ved has become superstitious. The family thinks Ved is Dui Mukeshwari Devi’s son. Sandhya rushes to find Ved in the jungle. Sandhya sees Ved trapped in the net and cries. She tries to rescue him and fails. Ved is taken away from Sandhya. Sandhya shouts and asks Ved to come back. Ved is lifted in air by getting trapped in net. This is Sandhya’s fight against superstitions.


Raman has got angry on Ishita after knowing her survival. Mrs. Bhalla gets to know this truth and gets very happy. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that she will get Ishita home. She goes to Mani’s house and meets Ishita. She hugs Ishita and is overjoyed seeing her alive. Mrs. Bhalla has missed Ishita a lot. She asks Ishita to come with her to Bhalla house. Ishita decided to go in Romi and Mihika’s marriage, and know the tension cause between Iyers and Bhallas.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti has gone away from home. Shivam is leaving for Banaras to find Shanti. Sarla comes there and creates much drama. She takes money from Kaushalya and Raghav, and says she will get Shanti back home. Sarla takes advantage of situation and it is Sarla-Shanti’s plan to convince Shivam to marry Chanda.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi:

Sonakshi reaches Dev’s house. She sees the decorations happening and leaves hurriedly from there. Dev gets to know Sonakshi is unwell and goes to meet her at her home. Some naughty kids lock them inside the house. Dev and Sonakshi spend some time and think to make a new start.


Sanskaar has shot Rajat. Rajat has fallen down the cliff and pulled Swara along. Rajat and Swara fall down and hang to the tree.. Sanskaar gets shocked and runs to save Swara. Swara hangs to the tree and Sanskaar tries to hold her hand. Rajat pulls Swara’s legs and they both fall down in the river.Rajat got punished for his crimes, but he has taken Swara while falling in the cliff. Rajat pulled Swara along. There is a new twist in the show. Offscreen Swara asks reporter to write some story and give to their writers. Anuj Sachdeva will be entering and new love track will start. Sahil and Swara do their first time. There will be new color of love in Swaragini.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is trying to find out who has stabbed Bau ji. She gets doubt on the burqa clad person. Thapki gets a letter from that person and is asked to meet at the godown at night, if she wants to save Bihaan. She goes at night and reaches the godown. Bihaan wakes up and does not find Thapki in room. He sees pillows in her place and calls her. She does not answer his call. He gets the letter and reads it. The man tries to stab Thapki. She screams seeing the man. Bihaan reaches there and looks for Thapki. He hears her scream and shouts. He saves Thapki in nick of the time.


Aradhya has survived Aryan’s mum’s attack. She has come back home. Aradhya is in love with Aryan. She talks to Kumudini. Kumudini tells Aradhya about their enmity between the families. Aradhya’s heart broke and is shattered, as Aryan has refused to marry Aradhya. Kumudini tells Aradhya that she will teach Aryan a lesson. Kumudini’s big secret is out. Aryan is Kumudini’s grandson and Aradhya belongs to Pradhyumna’s family. Aryan and Aradhya were swapped in hospital at the time of birth and their family got changed. Kumudini has swapped the babies purposely so that Tulsi’s son gets into Pradhyumna’s family.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu and Nikhil plan to kill Pragya and call her somewhere. Pragya oblivious to the truth, goes there. Nikhil signs his goons to kill Pragya. The show still has looped track.


Kamini manipulates Judge Asthana and makes him believe that Dhaani is a bad character woman and is part of the prostitution racket. Asthana thinks to take advantage of Dhaani. Kamini makes plan to trap Dhaani fully in Asthana’s clutches so that Viplav never trust her again, and Dhaani couldn’t save her respect either. She asks Dhaani to go and meet Asthana at his home. Dhaani doesn’t doubt on Kamini intentions and believes her blindly. Viplav decides to follow Dhaani when he catches Dhaani’s lie about Dulaari’s bad health. He follows Dhaani without letting her know. Dhaani will again land herself in bahar-gali which is just adjacent to her night school.



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