Tashan-E-Ishq brings a leap with Twinkle-Yuvraj’s union



Yuvraj has risked his life to save Kunj and Twinkle. Yuvraj gets to know that Anita has planted bomb in Twinkle’s car. He follows Kunj and Twinkle’s car on his bike. He gets close to their car and jumps on the car, leaving his bike. Kunj and Twinkle get shocked seeing Yuvraj, and think he has come to trouble them. They did not know about the bomb, and did not expect Yuvraj would help them. Yuvraj is not a villain anymore. He has turned into a hero. Twinkle has saved Yuvraj’s life when he has burnt his house. He felt guilty that he was against Twinkle. Now he has come to return her favor. Yuvraj hangs to the car and removes the bomb from the car tyre. Yuvraj’s mother has planted the bomb, but Yuvraj is changing into a good person. Yuvraj rescues Kunj and Twinkle. Humanity is coming back in Yuvraj. He throws the bomb falls and jumps away from the car. Yuvraj gets hurt. Twinkle and Kunj worry for him.


Kunj gives his helpful hand to Yuvraj and thanks him. Twinkle tells Kunj that they should not trust Yuvraj so soon. Yuvraj has done lots of bad things, and his good thing does not win Twinkle’s trust. Yuvraj tells Twinkle that he had self realization and regrets to hurt Twinkle before. The equations between Yuvraj, Twinkle and Kunj will change. Twinkle will get close to Yuvraj before the leap. Yuvraj and Twinkle get friendly. Yuvraj asks her to trust him, and this time he will not backstab her. The show will take a leap, and Twinkle and Yuvraj will be seen together. Twinkle and Kunj will be separated once again. Looks like much drama is coming up in the next track. Keep reading.


  1. Yr y pls don’t separate twinj pls y r u doing dis y n how ll dey meet y r u ppl saying 2 make twinkle n uvraj close y r u ppl arghhhh leave it i hate all yr its jst nonsense i jst luv twinj n if anything happens 2 dem i won’t leave arghhhh i hate u whos doing dis

  2. Yar kiya hai beqwass hai..kahin kuch a rha kah tht twinj will nt seprate to kahin a rha kah tht twinj will seprate..agar uv hero hai tu is ko villian bhanya q or gar in ko sath milna tha tu phir kunj q aya or phir twinkle kah dil main uv kah nafrat be dal di or kunj say payar karwa diya…i think the dirctors of tei is insaan and mad pata nahi unkey damg main kiya chalta hai or kiya leap lena zaroori hai..or is leap kis waja say sidhant is leaving the show..is he leaves then shw will losde its all rating the show will become worst show..i m relly sad becz sidhant is leaving the shw so by sid and bye tei no one will gonna watch the show after sidhant leaving the show..i bet

  3. Wat is dis yaar..there is no need of leap..mostly after d leap hero n heroine’s children r shown but here’s no such condition so y leap..n jst bcz of dat leap siddhu baby..our Kunj is leaving d show..y..Kunj tum aisa kaise kr site ho??

  4. Yesssss finally I’ve been waiting for the to happen I’m so happy it’s good they are doin this cause it should be like this


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