New love triangle to begin in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Raman gets itching by mushroom allergy and is troubled. He gets irritated and angry on Adi and Ishita. Raman does not know why is it itching. Ishita says you have eaten mushrooms, its allergic reaction. She treats him with ice and tries to take care of him. Aaliya comes and asks Ishita to just stop it, Raman and Adi are planning this to come close to you, Adi knows Raman has mushroom allergy and got mushrooms food parcel for Raman. Aaliya says Adi has done all this and Raman is involved.

Raman gets angry on Adi. Raman has slapped Adi in anger. Ishita defends Adi. Raman tells Ishita that she is a big cheater, if Adi supports her, then he will also die for him as Ishita died for him. Adi accepts that he has done all this to bring Ishita back in Raman’s life. He tells Raman that Ishita still loves him and Raman is doing mistake to marry Shagun. Raman blames Ishita for teaching this to Adi and using children. Ishita says I love my children. Raman says she has always broke her trust and shouts on her.


  1. Round a round a garden. Tell me somfin when they become grand parents are these characters still gone behave like teenagers on heat? Or will that role just be passed on to next generation. Im supprised ppl are still watching it. Writer’s ever heard of short and sweet. Probably not.


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