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Adi goes to get Raman arrested by police. Adi lands in police station to complain about Raman and defends Ishita. He blames Raman’s anger by which Ishita left home seven years ago. Raman slaps Adi. Raman asks Adi to just shut up. Adi says I will not let anyone torture my mother. The families were fighting about Ishita’s return. Now Raman and Adi’s fight reached police station. The things got ugly between Raman and Adi. Adi loses his temper and files complaint against Raman. Ishita gets shocked knowing this and goes to get Raman out. But Raman refuses to take her help. Ruhi witnesses their fight. Raman argues with Amma and Appa, and prefers to stay in police station than being with Ishita.



Thapki and Bihaan have a romantic moment. Bihaan decorates the place to surprise her. He makes a huge floral heart and lights hundreds of diyas. They both have a dance while expressing their love. Bihaan expresses his feelings to her, which shocks Thapki. Thapki too realizes her love for Bihaan and accepts his love. They hug. This romantic scene happens to be Bihaan’s dream sequence. Thapki wants to do something to make Bau ji speak up and react. Thapki’s dupatta catches fire and then Bau ji reacts and shouts to save Thapki. Thapki risks her life to make Bau ji fine. Thapki earns more respect and love by Pandey Family.


Rajni is assumed dead and is made to lie down on the arthi. Rajni is dressed up as the suhaagan. The family cries for Rajni’s death. Rajni is a robot, and none knows about her. Rajni’s battery gets down. Shaan is away and did not replace her battery. Rajni can’t do anything and is lifeless. Surili finds Rajni in her room, and assumes Rajni has died. The family mourns and does arrangements of Rajni’s funeral. Shaan comes in nick of the time and replaces the battery, to give a new life to Rajni again.


Akshara has found Naira and got her back in Singhania house. Akshara does Naira’s aarti and welcomes her home. Naira is not able to forget Sukanya’s incident. Gayu hugs Naira and asks everyone to celebrate. Everyone get happy meeting Naira after many years. Naira holds Akshara responsible for her state. A misunderstanding made Naira away from home. When she has returned home, she finds everything changed. Naira was made helpless to come back home and still hates Akshara. She feels Akshara is pretending to show love. Naira gets gifts for Kuhu and Mishti from Rishikesh. Akshara’s motherly love will end Naira’s annoyance and clear all the misunderstandings in her heart.


Swara has come back home. Ragini and Sumi hug her happily. Swara has come after a long time, Ragini and Swara united, there are many emotions and there is much things to talk about. There are tears in everyone’s eyes, but they are crying with happiness. Sahil has supported Swara for her happiness. Sahil has got her back as a true friend. Ragini had hope to see Swara back. Swara did not meet Sanskaar till now. She has forgot many things. Ragini has realized that something is wrong with Swara. There will be twist of Sahil’s entry in Swara and Sanskaar’s love story. Swara will hate Sanskaar and get attracted to Sahil. Swara just remembers that Sanskaar shot the bullet, and forgets that Sanskaar has shot to save her from Rajat.


Sesha and Shivanya have a fight. Sesha has become Shivanya’s enemy because of Ritik’s love. Sesha stabs Shivanya. Shivanya takes her last breath in Ritik’s arms.


Simar/fly is irritating everyone in the house. The family members are troubled by the fly. Chandramani has called for pest control. Chandramani and fake Simar starts the medicine for making that fly go out. Simar/fly is not affected by the smoke and gets saved. Chandramani’s plan fails.

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