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Ritik and Shivanya do tandav dance infront of God to praise God and seek blessings for their victory. They seek strength to save Naagmani from the evils and succeed to keep it on the safest place.

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Sujata scolds Sumi as she knows about her pregnancy. She says society will taunt them, and says your age is to become Nani and not to become a mum. She says I asked you to tell your daughters to start their family, but you have started your own. Sumi doesn’t know if she should cry or be happy. Ragini couldn’t tell anything infront of Annapurna and Sujata, but she determines to play the role of a daughter. She thinks to make her inlaws understand the situation. Swara and Ragini are super happy with their mum’s pregnancy news. It will be interesting to see if Swaragini gets a baby sister or brother. While Sumi thinks to abort her child, Ragini stops her for aborting baby.

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Balika Vadhu:

Abhayram is actually kundan who has married Krish’s rich mum and manipulated Krish to get Nandini. Kundan angrily determines to get Nandini through his step son, although he is fully aware that Krish loves Nandini. Krish challenges Nandini that he will marry her.


Aradhya gets angry seeing Aryan and Purva together. She burns the bed and ignites fire to the bed. Everyone come there and get shocked. Aryan’s mum makes Aradhya work as a maid. Aradhya’s mum gets emotional seeing Aradhya working so much. Aryan was making Aradhya jealous, but real fire caught up. Aryan asks is she mad to burn the house. She tells her if he burns her heart, she will burn his house.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi tells Pragya that he trusts Sarla and knows Sarla can’t do any theft. He promises Pragya that he will find the real thief. Pragya and Abhi spend some romantic moments. He teases her to cheer up her mood. Tanu gets tensed and thinks to plot even more bigger game this time. Sarla feels bad by the blame and leaves Abhi’s house.


Shagun has changed and is betraying Ishita. The reason is Raman and Ishita’s mohabbatein. She is insecure and thinks Ishita might take Pihu back with her. She thinks to do anything to keep Pihu with her. She is trying to separate Ishita and Pihu. Someone said to Pihu that Ishita will take her away from there, Pihu gets scared. Shagun hugs her and pacifies her. Ruhi is happy seeing Ishita in distress. Ruhi sees Raman, Shagun and Pihu altogether, and understands everything, but she will not help Ishita as she believes Ishita came for Pihu and not for her.


Bihaan’s childhood friend Sheena enters his life and tries to woo him. Thapki gets jealous seeing their closeness. Bihaan mingles with Sheena well which doesn’t go well with Thapki. Thapki comes infront of Bihaan’s bike, as he is going on a long drive with Sheena. Thapki insists to go with them. Sheena asks her to sit at back side, but Thapki says she can’t sit at back, and insists to sit in between them. Sheena lets her sit. Thapki sits in the middle as Bihaan drives off. It is family’s planning to make Thapki realize her love for Bihaan. Vasundara tells Thapki that she will get Bihaan married to Sheena. Thapki gets panicking seeing Sheena winning family’s heart in no time.


It is shocking for Kant family to accept that Rajni is dead. Rajni is made to dress up as a bride and made to lie down on the pyre. Amrish sheds many tears and cries badly. Kuhu comes there and recharges her battery. Rajni opens her eyes and thanks Rajni for recharging her. She says she was not dead but her battery was drained. The family take a sigh of relief seeing their super bahu Rajni coming back to life.


Chakor has exposed coach Kabir Rathod’s crime and got him arrested. Bhaiya ji gets the news and rushes to kill the coach before he takes Bhaiya ji’s name infront of police. Bhaiya ji falls prey to Chakor and Vivaan’s plans. Vivaan gets the locker keys and reaches to Bhaiya ji’s secrets, which exposes Bhaiya ji’s crimes. Bhaiya ji gets arrested as well. Bhaiya ji’s arrest gives freedom to Aazaadgunj. Vivaan proposes Chakor for marriage.

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Dev realizes his love for Sonakshi just as he is about to get engaged to Natasha. Dev is torn between his sudden realization and commitment given to Ishwari.


Fake Simar’s secret is hidden in the locket. May be fake Simar’s secret comes out as Prerna doubts her. Prerna has changed the pic in the locket and puts her pic in it, but fake Simar managed to get Simar’s pic and keeps in the locket back. She will try to prove that Prerna is getting mad as she made her drink something. There is a silence just before storm is going to come.


Ishq ka Rang safed will take a 5 years leap. Dhaani and Viplav will be shown separated post leap. Dhaani will be having miscarriage and she will adopt a child. She will start her wedding planning business in Mumbai.



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