Sid and Roshni’s jealousy drama continues


jamai raja211

Sid is making Roshni jealous. Sid makes Anya wear the bridal dupattas. Roshni gets angry seeing him. This time Sid is getting engaged to Anya. Ragini is preparing for his engagement. Roshni/Ragini is Sid’s first wife. Anya is dreaming to become Sid’s wife. Jamai Raja’s new Saas has made clear to Sid that marriage will happen after two weeks of engagement, and gave wedding planning work to Ragini. Sid and Roshni see each other and control tears. Kabhi na kehna alvida……plays………. Roshni says I want to get Sid married, we don’t have love in between. Sid’s golmaal is continuing even in this track. Ragini’s truth was coming out by the jeweler, who identifies Ragini as Sid’s wife.

Sid says truth was about to come out, and twist came. Sid and Anya may not get married. Roshni joins Sid and Anya’s hands. She gets some bridal clothes for Anya and does her duty of a wedding planner. Sid is going through an emotional turmoil. Its tough moment for Sid. Sid gets angry seeing Neil with Roshni. Sid and Roshni’s nok jhok increases. Their frustration gets into their arguments, which others do not realize.


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