TGI Friday’s Spoilers




After Rajveer and Paridhi date for four years, Paridhi gives her nod for marrying Rajveer. Rajveer and Paridhi’s marriage arrangements begin, whereas Manjulika gets a medium to get close to Rajveer. Manjulika starts scaring Paridhi. Manjulika is the new Daayan. Manjulika dances with Rajveer in the engagement and enters Paridhi’s body. Paridhi behaves weird and upsets Rajveer. Manjulika gets sighted by Paridhi.


Raman is worried for his work. Shagun is trying to solve his problems. She wants to know the reason of his tension. She massages his head. Raman gets angry and asks her to stay away. Shagun asks him why is he getting irritated.


Tanu has one agenda in life to stop Abhi from proposing Pragya. Abhi goes to propose Pragya. Tanu sends some bouquets for Pragya with a lover’s card. Abhi gets shocked reading the love note by some guy named Champak. Tanu has played new trick. Tanu is insecure, and planned this with Nikhil. Abhi gets depressed and thinks Pragya loves someone else, not him. There will be new entry of Pragya’s boyfriend. Abhi and Pragya always fight and when they get close, Tanu makes them away again. She got the new guy Champak and maybe this Champak will separate Abhi and Pragya.


Gayu goes to submit her designs to the client. Akshara blesses her. Akshara takes care of Gayu as her daughter, which upsets Naira. Akshara is invited by Gayu in the jewelry show exhibition where she is displaying her designs. Kartik comes home to meet Akshara. He meets Gayu and they have a talk. Gayu starts liking Kartik.


Roshni is drunk and her secret has come out. Neil comes to Roshni. Roshni says someone has spiked my drink. Neil wanted to know her feelings. Neil goes to get water for her. Sid reaches there and Roshni hugs him, saying she loves him a lot. Sid sees Roshni drunk and tries to comfort her. Roshni expresses her feelings to Sid and speaks out the truth. She tells him how much she misses him, she loves him and will make everything fine. Sid says I miss you too, and gets emotional. Roshni hugs Sid. Neil and Sid has come to know that Roshni loves only Sid. Sid hides behind the door seeing Neil coming. Roshni did not express emotions till now according to her situation, for the first time her vulnerable side will be seen. Neil will be hurt knowing the truth. Sid will find out the reason why Roshni is keeping him away and doing this drama.

May I Come In Madam:

Sanju collides with Kanchan. Her lipstick marks gets on his shirt. This will bring a big drama at Sanju’s home, as Kashmira will be misunderstanding Sanju and doubting him for having an affair.

Swara and Ragini’s house has a puja going on. Rockstar Sanskaar comes there to impress Swara. Sanskaar sings a bhajan. Swara smiles. Sanskaar sings the importance of parents. Everyone get impressed by Sanskaar’s rockstar avatar. Swara says Sanskaar looks weird, with long hair, beads etc, but he is a very innocent and nice guy. Swara asks her family to keep Sanskaar at their home. Sanskaar collides with Sahil and his truth comes out. Swara scolds Sanskaar realizing his deceive, and asks him to leave from home.

Shraddha goes to Dhruv to make him against Vasundara. She breaks out the truth that Vasundara is the one who broke his marriage with Thapki. Dhruv gets super shocked. Shraddha tells him that Vasundara can’t be his mother, she is his enemy to ruin his dreams, happiness and love. Dhruv is very much hurt by this bitter truth. Dhruv has finally come to know that Vasundara broke his marriage with Thapki. He confronts Vasundara and asks her how can she ruin his life and happiness. He realized Vasundara has snatched his life. He asks why did she do this with her son. Vasundara asks him to trust him. Dhruv cries and says he hates the word Maa from now.

Everyone is waiting for Rishi’s comeback. Tanu knows the truth and hides from the family. Pavan will be doing everything to stop Rishi.



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