TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Mrs. Bhalla throws slipper on Niddhi and scolds her infront of everyone in the court. Mrs. Bhalla tells the judge that Niddhi is the evil woman who broke her family and kidnapped her grand daughter. She sees Ruhi for the first time and asks her to hug her. Raman and Ishita get 20 days time to convince Ruhi, else Ruhi’s custody will forever be given to Niddhi. Ruhi tells the judge that Ishita took her to Niddhi and gave her away instead Pihu. Ishita explains Ruhi that the situation was not such, things did not go as expected. Ruhi gets all her anger out on Ishita. Ruhi says Niddhi raised her, and gave her a rockstar fame by making her Ruhaan. Raman and Ishita cry. Ishita has come back in Bhalla house. Raman and Ishita have reconciled and now Ishita’s grah pravesh happened by Raman’s approval. Ruhi is the reason of their union again. Mrs. Bhalla happily does Ishita’s welcome and tells her that Ruhi also wishes this to happen. Ruhi says she does not wish this to happen and she will never become part of this family.


Vidya takes sweets for Meera. Meera slaps Vidya and scolds her. Kokila has got Gopi married to Dr. Krishna. She is now leaving Modi Bhavan forever. Pari and her bahu Sona start snatching the house after Gopi’s marriage. They trouble Kokila and ask her to leave from the house. Kokila does not regret to leave, as her life’s motives are fulfilled. She is glad that Gopi got a new life and wishes Gopi resumes her normal life. Meera blames Vidya that her life got ruined because of Vidya. After the leap of five years, the sisters drama and some secrets will reveal.


Tina is marrying Suraj. Chakor and Imli are in tension. Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child. Imli is crying and in pain. Tina is also not happy with the marriage. Chakor sees Imli and Tina upset, and tells Tina that she will get Imli married to Suraj. She explains Tina about Imli’s unconditional love for Suraj. Tina also does not wish to marry Suraj and is helpless because of her dad. Chakor convinces Tina not to marry Suraj. Tina keeps a condition about marrying Vivaan, and asks Chakor to get away from Vivaan.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu blames Pragya for having an affair with Champak and was pregnant with his baby once, but aborted the baby. Pragya gets shocked and slaps her hard. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is characterless woman and is cheating on him with Champak. She says Pragya wants to loot Abhi and settle down with Champak after bankrupting Abhi completely. Abhi is confused and doesn’t know whom to believe. Tanu is still feeling tough to separate Abhi and Pragya. Dadi, Purab, Akash and Rachna understand that it was all Tanu and Nikhil’s plan to ruin Pragya’s big day and separate Abhi and Pragya. Tanu provokes and instigates Abhi. She even makes Abhi swear on her child not to propose Pragya.


Aradhya is hypnotized and made to try to commit suicide again and again. Purva wants to marry Aryan and cooks up a fake story that she tried to stop Aradhya, but she pushed Aradhya and tries to kill her. Purva is interested in Aryan’s wealth and tries to separate Aradhya and Aryan. Aryan manages to save Aradhya from committing suicide.


Kokila is hospitalized. Gopi takes care of her in the house. She slips and falls down in Dr. Krishna’s embrace. Dr. Krishna holds her. Gopi asks him to leave her alone. She comes to know that Dr. Krishna brought Kokila to hospital after she meets with an accident. Gopi insists to meet Kokila. Dr. Krishna says Kokila is fine now. Gopi is shattered to see Kokila’s condition and promises Kokila that Kokila would be going back to her Modi Bhavan.


Bhabho is shattered and hurt knowing about Suraj’s helpless state. Sandhya doesn’t know how to react knowing that her beloved Suraj is battling with his helplessness which might take his life. Bhabhi consoles Sandhya and tries to give her strength.

Taarak Mehta KOC:

Bhaga is getting engaged in Jetha Lal’s house. Jetha lal has made all the arrangements for his engagement at Gokuldaam society. Bhaga is getting engaged to Bawri. The gokuldaam society members don’t leave any chance to do Garba. They happily do Garba and dance with their partners. Daya ben looks beautiful and shows the jewellery given by Jetha lal. Bhaga’s truth is revealed infront of Bawri’s parents that he is not owner of the Gada Electronics. They get angry, but later accept Bhaga as Jethalal and Daya ben convince them. Dayaben is excited about making arrangements for Bhaga and Bawri’s marriage.


Dev proposes Sonakshi and has accepted and expressed his feelings to her. He hugs her. Sonakshi is happy and was waiting for the day when he confessed his feelings. Sonakshi says let me talk to your mummy first. Dev says I know she will not refuse, but she won’t be happy with this. Sonakshi asks did she tell you that she have objection with me. Dev says she didn’t tell, but I understand her. Sonakshi says okay, I will not tell anything, you shall understand me also. She says it is strange, we can’t talk and tell her. Dev is very much in love with Sonakshi and thinks how to make things easier for their alliance. Dev drops Sonakshi home and thinks to talk to his mummy.


Tanu has become spider man, pillow fighter and selfie slapper as she is slapping Rishi and her brother while taking selfie. They are playing a game. Rishi sees Tanvi dancing with Pavan, but he controls his anger and nice family moments happen. Rishi’s parents dance on a song with others. It is yet to be seen how Rishi will expose Pavan.


Vasundara has left the house and all her bad deeds came infront of everyone. She has to leave the house now. Bihaan and Thapki try to stop Vasundara. They cry and try hard to convince Vasundara. Dadi asks Vasundara to leave the house and bear the result of her bad deeds. Vasundara recalls how she made Thapki leave the house before and apologizes to her. No one supports Vasundra than Bihaan and Thapki. When Vasundara leaves the house, the weather gets stormy and signs something bad is going to happen. Shraddha takes Vasundara to her dad’s house, and makes her work as a maid. Vasundara does all the work to stop pregnant Shraddha from working. Shradhda enjoys to see Vasundara as her maid.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Rajni is soon going to leave from Shaan’s house. Shaan is getting emotional to get apart from her. Shaan and Rajni’s love story is such. Rajni is expressing love to Shaan. Shaan and Rajni have come on honeymoon. Their entire family has come after them. Surili and Amrish meet them. Rajni tells everyone how Shaan has beaten the goons and makes Shaan a hero in their eyes. Shaan gets upset by her stupidity and is annoyed with her. Shaan gets angry with her and argues. But Rajni convinces him with her sweetness. Shaan will be giving Rajni to Mathew, and will be going back home alone.


  1. Star Plus – Dehleez going off air
    Star Plus team & Makers of Dehleez,

    Its strange to see that a fresh Story line with fresh concept is been pulled off Air. The reason for Low TRP’s shouldnt be blamed to the Story line of the serials it also depends on how it is promoted. Talking about this particular…


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