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Ruhi is angry at Raman and Ishita as they forgot her birthday. She thinks they are fighting for her custody case and forgot her birthday. Ruhi has decided to stay with Niddhi and gives statement in her favor. Raman reaches home angrily and sees Romi there. His anger increases and the brothers have an argument.

Balika Vadhu:

Nandini passes in the Roti making test, and shows her commitment towards her relations. Krish is not with her to help her out. But Nandini manages to cook numerous rotis in the allotted time.


Naira is dancing kathak dance and impresses everyone. Akshara is happy for her daughter and claps. Akshara and Naira will get close. Akshara and Kartik planned to get back dance art in Naira’s life to give her happiness. Naira realizes their efforts and thanks them. Naira and Kartik’s love story will begin.


Chudails have gathered in the temple and praying. Simar is oblivious to the chudail track and is celebrating birthday with Prem. Prem’s college friend comes to their home as Prem’s new love interest.


Dev and Sonakshi dance in the rains. Sonakshi happily dances and enjoys the rain as her wish and dreams are fulfilling. They dance and have an intense hug reflecting their romance and love.


Pragya is crying as Abhi has insulted her in the party and doubted on her because of Tanu. She couldn’t bear the pain. Dadi consoles Pragya and asks her not to cry, instead make Tanu and Nikhil cry. Akash, Rachna and Purab support Pragya.


Tanu and Rishi’s relation are bounded by pain. Tanu cares for Rishi’s pain and applies ointment on his hands. A romantic song plays………..Rishi’s love is showing effect on Tanu as she gets concerned for him seeing him injured.


Sanskar as Kissan dances with Swara to make her remember their past moments. Swara is unaware that the rockstar Kissan is actually Sanskar.



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