Dev and Sonakshi’s love to begin in Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke…



Sonakshi gets ready and tries a diamond necklace and saree. Dev has written the first love letter to Sonakshi. She is very happy reading it, and adorns herself. Dev wrote to her that he wants to see her in saree. She tries a pink saree and wants to look good. Sonakshi dresses in a saree and wears good jewelry. She looks pretty and waits for Dev to come.
Ishwari and her daughters are also waiting for Dev and Sonakshi at home. Dev is sure Ishwari will like Sonakshi in her new avatar.

Sonakshi dressed in a lovely saree, meets Dev. She has fulfilled his wish. Dev compliments her. He gets very delighted seeing her. They have an eyelock. They have a sweet romantic dance. Dev wants to live the love moments, and this is just the start of their love. Dev and Sonakshi’s love story will be showing many colors of love differently, as per the show’s title. Dev and Sonakshi then head to buy sarees. Dev chooses a saree for Ishwari and Sonakshi suggests some sarees by her choice.


  1. This is a very refreshing love story. Please keep this as nice as it is. Do not turn it into a typical saas-bahu drama.
    Thank you.
    Bhavna Thakkar


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