TGI Friday’s Spoilers




Raman helps Ishita in pinning the saree. Raman and Ishita’s romance started again. Raman gets hurt by the pin. Ishita cares for him. Pihu is bringing Ruhi close to family. On the other hand, Pihu hugs Shagun and cries. Pihu does not want to lose Shagun. Bhallas get ready to attend Ruhi’s birthday party, after Ruhi gets the invitation card for Pihu.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya and Abhi have romance in the rain. Abhi catches cold and sneezes. Pragya takes him inside to the room and dries his hair. They have an eyelock. Abhi is standing in rain. Pragya is worried that he can catch cold. She explains him to come inside and slips. He holds her and they get close. Hamari adhuri kahani…………plays……….. Pragya gets hurt when Abhi is hurt. He scolds her and asks her not to get close. Pragya asks him to sit quiet and cares for him. Abhi makes Pragya jealous by eating sandwich by Tanu’s hand. He praises Tanu and smiles. Pragya feels bad.


Rishi’s family calls pandit to match Rishi and Neha’s kundli. Pandit ji matches Rishi and Tanu’s kundlis. Rishi’s dad asks him to match Rishi’s kundli with Neha. Pandit says Rishi and Neha’s kundlis don’t match. He tells about Rishi’s kundli dosh. Rishi is worried as Tanu and Pavan’s marriage is after 4 days. Neha makes tea fall on pandit, before he tells truth about her kundli.


Chakor and Vivaan’s pre marriage functions are done. Kasturi and Bhuvan are happy for Chakor. Suraj is after creating some trouble as Chakor and Vivaan are getting married. Chakor’s haldi ceremony is going on. Imli dances happily. The families are very happy. Everyone apply haldi to Chakor. Chakor is very happy. Aazaadgunj residents are very happy for Chakor. Happiness arrived in Chakor’s home. Imli gets dizzy and vomits. Kasturi gets worried for Imli. Chakor hides about Imli’s pregnancy. Chakor goes to Imli and asks her not to worry, she will do something and make Suraj marry Imli. Chakor plans something to get Imli married to Suraj and her baby gets Suraj’s name.


Swara is arrested for Sanskaar’s murder. Sanskar’s mum holds Swara’s neck and scolds her. She gets such proof that proves Swara is behind Sanskar’s death. Swara gets shocked and tells them that she did not do anything. Sahil got to know Kissan is Sanskar, so he did all this drama to expose Sanskar. Sahil tells Swara that Sanskar is Kissan. Sanskar tries to deny, but Sahil shows Kissan’s earring which Sanskar is wearing. Swara gets angry on Sanskar again.


Simar has to fight with the new Daayan. Poor Simar did not get any time to spend some peaceful time with her family. Someone wants to kill Siddhant. A big chandelier falls on him, while he was talking on phone. Prerna rushes and saves Siddhant. The family runs to Siddhant and worries thinking how did this happen.


Gorilla is in love with Thapki. Gorilla gets hurt and Thapki ties her dupatta. Gorilla throws all the things around and she gets scared. She gets hurt. Gorilla takes care of her. Bihaan gets jealous seeing them. Gorilla’s affection makes her realize that he does not want to hurt her. Gorilla holds her hand and keeps on his head. She asks what shall I do. The scene gets funny, as Gorilla does not let anyone get close to Thapki.

Chandravartin Ashoka Samrat:

Ashoka is ignoring Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki looks stunning and comes in the darbar. Ashoka sees her and turns away. Kaurvaki and Sushim are present in the function, as its Swayamvar. Kaurvaki gets angry seeing Ashok ignoring her and talking to other girls. She slips and Sushim holds her in his arms. Ashoka stares at them and gets jealous. Kaurvaki sees Ashoka jealous and acts good to Sushim to tease Ashoka more. Ashok ignores Kaurvaki at other incident too, and they get into an argument.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi:

Sonakshi gets ready and tries a diamond necklace and saree. Dev has written the first love letter to Sonakshi. She is very happy reading it, and adorns herself. Dev wrote to her that he wants to see her in saree. She tries a pink saree and wants to look good. Sonakshi dresses in a saree and wears good jewelry. She looks pretty and waits for Dev to come.
Ishwari and her daughters are also waiting for Dev and Sonakshi at home. Dev is sure Ishwari will like Sonakshi in her new avatar.

Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi got someone else’s soul in her. She was shy by nature, but now she has turned modern and bold. She comes wearing the bath robe. Dhairya shuts the windows to stop anyone seeing her. Santoshi romances with Dhairya. Dhairya is shocked seeing her bold nature. He is glad to see this change in her. It was his fantasy to have a naughty wife. Santoshi showers love on him. He has got madly in love with Santoshi. Dhairya and Santoshi get close. Gaumata comes in between and disturbs them, so that Dhairya stays away from Santoshi. The spirit tries to get Dhairya and win his love. Santoshi Maa keeps an eye on them, and wants to make sure that Dhairya’s love remains just for his wife Santoshi. The spirit will get adamant and not leave Santoshi’s body, when time comes to send Santoshi’s soul in her body.



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