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Median zing spoilers

Jamai Raja:

Neil hugs Roshni. She gets uncomfortable and realizes she just loves Sid. Neil’s brother Ranjeet tries to misbehave with Roshni. Sid reaches there and saves Roshni. Sid beats up Ranjeet and sends him away. Sid and Roshni have a talk. Roshni was about to tell him everything, and gets interrupted by Neil’s call. She leaves in hurry and misses to tell her feelings to Sid. She then plans a surprise for Sid. Roshni confesses her feelings to Sid. She says I love you so much and shouts. She does not know Neil is behind her. Neil assumes Roshni loves him, and hugs her. Roshni gets shocked seeing him. Neil’s mum hears Roshni and thinks Roshni loves Neil, and its time that they should get married. Roshni and Neil’s marriage arrangements begin. Roshni has done all efforts for her love and expressed feelings to Sid. Roshni’s heart has broken again. There are four lives at stake right now. Sid’s mum is responsible for all this, who has sent Neil to Roshni at that moment.


Simar’s birthday is celebrated by the family. They throw a grand party for Simar. There are dance performances too. Prem and Simar have a dance performance, after Prem proposes Simar once again. They get engaged again and hug. Simar is very happy to get back to her human form. Prem’s childhood friend Kavya in the party. Kavya is the new Daayan in the show. Kavya gets after Prem, and will become Simar’s Sautan.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Pandey family visits the zoo on a picnic. Shraddha plans to harm Thapki and puts her phone in Gorilla’s cage. When Thapki tries to take her phone, her hand gets stuck. Bihaan comes in nick of the time and saves Thapki. Thapki and Bihaan will be meeting a gorilla. The gorilla tries to attack Thapki. Bihaan scolds the gorilla and says she is my wife, stay away, else I can get angry too. Bihaan warns Gorilla and takes Thapki with her. Shraddha then breaks the cage lock and frees Gorilla. The people get angry on Gorilla. Thapki tells them that they can’t behave bad with an animal, and that man has thrown stones at gorilla, which angered the ape. Thapki stops people from hurting Gorilla and saves him. Gorilla loves Thapki and gets against Shraddha.


Sanskar as Kissan practice singing and dances with Swara. He tells her that he has to compete in IGT, and she helps him in his practice. She contributes her help. Sanskar dances weirdly and makes Swara laugh. Swara becomes her Guru and starts scolding him to get the best out of him. Kissan will win Swara’s heart and then reveal his identity of Sanskar. Sahil will become the new villain, after losing Swara to Sanskar.


Rishi and Tanu have a filmi romantic scene. There is darkness in the room. Rishi goes to check fuse, while Tanu holds the candle for him. There is an intense eyelock and silent romance between them. Rishi tries to explain her their soul connectivity. The family was playing passing the parcel game. Pavan goes to Rishi and Tani, and comes in between. Rishi’s mum knows Rishi loves Tanu. Tanu has to agree for Rishi’s alliance, and this can happen publicly when Pavan gets exposed.

May I Come In Madam:

Sanju imagines dancing with Sanjana in the rain. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He sees Sanjana everywhere, and dances with her. Kashmira sees Sanju dancing alone and gets puzzled. Kashmira gets angry on not getting an answer from him. Dadi comes in Kashmira, and makes Sanju dance on her fingers.


Suraj is getting married to Tina, but Imli has turned up as his bride. Suraj is forced to marry Imli, after Chakor convinces Tina to leave Suraj. Suraj is unhappy and plans something evil. Vivaan and Chakor are also getting married the same day. There will be big twists in the marriage. The grooms will be swapped at the nick of the moment, having dressed in same Sherwanis and Sehra. Chakor ends up marrying Suraj.


Ruhi is annoyed with Raman and Ishita, and does not want to stay at their home. Raman gets home a special photo collage. He prepares it for Ruhi’s birthday. Raman gets a beautiful surprise birthday gift. The collage has all memories of Ruhi’s childhood. Ishita, Shagun and Bhallas are happy seeing Raman’s surprise, and hope that this will touch Ruhi’s heart. Ishita and Niddhi want to keep Ruhi with them. Pihu becomes a good relieve for Ruhi. Raman and Ishita try to convince Ruhi and send a gift for Ruhi. Ruhi sees the photo collage and her childhood memories. She cries and misses her parents. Pihu meets Ruhi, and tries convincing her in her own way. Pihu innocently conveys her love to Ruhi. She tells Ruhi to come home and stay with her, as she loves Ruhi a lot. Ruhi’s heart does not melt for Ishita, but Pihu makes a soft corner in Ruhi’s heart.


Meera was pregnant and had miscarriage. Post leap, Meera blames Vidya to be responsible for her miscarriage. Meera loves Vidya’s baby, but misses out on the happiness that could be hers too. Actually, Dharam’s daughter was behind that accident. On the other hand, Gopi comes to Modi house and gets angry on everyone, for treating Kokila badly and making her leave the house.

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