TGI Friday’s Spoilers





Akshara’s new look will be seen in the show. There is celebrations at home. Yash is getting engaged to Rose. Naitik messages Akshara asking her to get ready well. Kartik and Naira’s love story is starting. Naira and Kartik do the floral decorations at home, and they get tangled in the garlands. Yeh moh moh ka dhaage……….plays……. Naira and Kartik did not realize their love. They both have ego and attitude towards each other.


Adi and Ishita plan to get Raman apologize to Romi. They all decide to do anything for Ruhi, so that Ruhi feels they are happy and can give positive statement to judge. Ishita ties Raman’s hands and asks him to come with them to meet Romi. They all force Raman to come along, just to get his daughter Ruhi. Ishita asks Mihir not to free Raman, as she won’t listen to anyone when it comes about Ruhi. Later, Raman gets angry on Ashok, and they get into an argument.


Bihaan and Thapki dance in their Roka rasam. There is a party at home where big businessmen has come. Bihaan had to behave like a gentlemen, but the alcohol drink makes him go wild. Bihaan is angry hearing the English songs. He says I don’t know any English, so does this mean I m not human. He gets angry and dances weirdly in his free form. Bihaan gets drunk and does Naagin dance. He makes everyone dance, while Thapki tries to stop Bihaan. The family gets shocked seeing Bihaan’s embarrassing moment.


Chakor-Vivaan and Suraj-Tina dance in their sangeet function. Best couple dance competition starts when Tina was getting mehendi applied. There is a face off round between both the couples. Vivaan and Chakor dance on a romantic song Bolna mahi bolna…… Tina intentionally falls and gets out of the competition to please Imli. Tina gets a sprain in her feet, and tells Suraj that she can’t dance with him. Suraj then dances with Imli to win the competition. It was Chakor’s plan, to make Tina provoke Suraj to dance with anyone and make Chakor lose.


Astika gets his snakes attack on Noorie. Arjun saves Noorie from the snakes attack. Arjun goes to temple, and when Astika comes, he feels that energy and bond of his loved ones. He looks around and thinks who has come to meet him. Arjun’s mum and dad come to meet Arjun. Arjun does not know their reality. Astika threatens to kill Arjun and scares Pranali.

Balika Vadhu:

Krish asks Abhiram whether he knows Kundan. Kundan acts ignorant. Nandini wishes Krish all the best for his exam and waits for his return. Nandini does not want Krish to see that bad massage. Nandini challenges Kundan and promises to send him to jail.


Sooraj gets to know about Sandhya’s big sacrifice for saving his sweet shop, his reputation and dreams. Sooraj gets thinking whether her sacrifice is for his good. Chavi helps Dipen to break down Sandhya’s courage.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni is moving on in life. Neil is angry with Roshni. She wants to make up to him and normalize things. Sid sees Roshni doing Champi to her would be husband Neil. He gets jealous. Roshni thinks it will be ethically wrong to be in love with someone else when Sid is around. Sid goes and gets angry on Anya. Sid and Roshni get mistaken seeing each other, and feel they are happy with their respective partners.


Laksh fixes a 3D image machine. Laksh fixes the 3D image machine and tries to fool Sahil. Sahil sees Sanskaar on the terrace and when he sees the illusion of Kissan, he touches Kissan. The image breaks. Sahil calls Laksh a cheater. Laksh is helping Sanskaar, and gets this 3D image concept to try to show Sanskaar’s double role.


Tanu is crying, and is getting away from Rishi. Rishi is worried and asks her what is she hiding. Rishi wipes her tears and tries to pacify her. Tanu does not tell him about his dad tying her in a promise.


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