TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers


Manjulika’s mum appears and tells that she will get her love. Before she could accomplish her mission, she is caught doing black magic by the people. While Manjulika want to get Rajveer and her mum wants his dad. This is the story of 20 years back. Paridhi is searching for the kawach to get rid of trouble by the witches.


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Tanu is stabbed by Pavan. Rishi panics. Tanu tried to save Rishi and sacrifices her life. Rishi cries. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays. Pavan doesn’t know that Tanu will come in between him and Rishi and die. He is also shocked.

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Adi has celebrated his birthday and hugs Raman. Ruhi and Adi have planned a surprise dinner for Raman and Ishita. Raman and Ishita will go on a dinner date. Raman and Ishita are doing so much to get Ruhi. They come a romantic date to show Ruhi, but fall in problem. They sit on the table reserved for Mrs. and Mr. Agarwal. Ruhi tries to see whether they are fighting here, but she finds Raman and Ishita behaving well and looking in love. The goons join them on the dinner table and show the guns. The goons ask Mr. Agarwal to repay the money. Raman and Ishita explain a lot that they are not Agarwals. Raman and Ishita rush to the car. The goons attack on them and get a stick to break the car. Raman panics and drives off. They reach Agarwal’s house to save their lives. Ishita opens the lock by her hair pin and they hide in the house.


Swara has slapped Parineeta and says she is responsible for all the wrong doings happening at home. Everyone looks on tensedly. Adarsh is shocked. Parineeta tries to prove her point and acts innocent. Adarsh asks Parineeta to stop it and says you tried to kill my sister whom I love the most and gets Rakhi tied on his hands by Swara.


Bihaan and Thapki are getting engaged. Dhruv tries to make Thapki wear the ring by taking advantage of darkness. The family lights diyas and Dhruv’s fail plans. Bihaan’s hand shakes when he makes Thapki wear the ring. Dhruv holds Bihaan’s hand to support him, but Thapki moves Dhruv’s hand away. Bihaan and Thapki get engaged. Dhruv goes to temple and talks to Lord, asking how could Lord allow Bihaan and Thapki get engaged, I will win anyhow. Shraddha plans to get Thapki caught inside the fake tree and kill her, but Shraddha falls inside the tree. The goons were about to kill her, but get saved in nick of the time as the goons see her face.

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Simar is pregnant and is happy. Kaal will be born to Simar and is growing in her womb. Kamya announces that Simar is pregnant, just as she vomits. Havan is halted because of Kamya Chudail and she will make Kaal born to Simar.


Suraj gets to know that Chakor and Vivaan have cheated him and made Imli sit in Tina’s place. Suraj swaps the groom to take revenge of bride swapping. Suraj sits in Vivaan’s place. The twist of the fate happens, and Suraj succeeds to ruin Vivaan and Chakor’s lives. Suraj knew about Chakor’s planning and got much angry. Suraj marries Chakor, while Imli marries Vivaan. There will be big drama when Chakor and Vivaan realize this truth.

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Aaba Saheb is shocked and shattered as his ego has broken and his house is going to be mortgaged. Kumudini is the one who buys his house for 20 crore. Aryan comes and asks them to stop it.


Sooraj has decided to support Sandhya in kitchen work. Bhabho gives strength to Sandhya and says when you can overcome many trouble, then you can do anything. Sandhya does a mistake and the kitchen catches fire. Sandhya doesn’t know halwai work. Sooraj’s business will be saved anyhow.



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