TGI Friday’s Spoilers





Swara dances on Solah Shringhaar…. and is celebrating in Ragini’s godh bharai. Sanskar dances with Swara. Ragini sits tensed. Sanskar shows baby steps and does drama. Maheshwari family is excited to welcome the new member, and dancing. Ragini feels irritated as its godh bharai, and she is not pregnant. Parineeti dons a ghunghat and dances around Ragini. She pushes Ragini and makes her fall. Swara screams seeing Ragini. Ragini says everyone misunderstand me again. Its good that Swara and Sanskar are supporting Ragini. Laksh is hurt that they are playing with everyone’s emotions, but he planned all this to save Sumi’s baby. Parineeta has told Swara the truth of Sumi’s pregnancy.


Yash and Rose’s haldi goes on happily. Everyone dance with the couple and enjoy every bit of celebrations. Rose left marriage because of Rukmani’s scoldings, but Naira has convinced her and got Rose back for haldi function. Everyone does Ghumar dance and look very lively. Akshara is happy getting the news of Naitik’s comeback. She gets the good news and tells everyone that Naitik and Naman are at airport and coming home.


Rishi and Tanu walk in the jungle and have few sweet moments. They are away from family and still happy. They want to spend each moment together. The goons get after Rishi and Tanu’s lives, and hunt for them in the jungle. Tanu and Rishi’s families fight and blame each other for the lovers’ elopement. Rishi and Tanu leave on a bike ride. They meet with an accident. Tanu dies and would not leave from Rishis life. Tanu will come back in a new avatar to keep the kasam of her love.


Neil is torturing Roshni. Neil was twisting Roshni’s hand. Sid asks Neil how dare he do this and pushes Neil away. Sid has raised hand on Neil. Sid was stopping Neil and Neil was not listening. Neil falls down and Anya helps him. Roshni was also giving support to Neil, but Neil dislikes her.

Kuch Rang PKAB:

Dev and Sonakshi are very much in love. They can’t stay without each other. Dev is drunk and reaches Sonakshi’s house. She makes him sleep. Dev and Sonakshi have nok jhok. Sonakshi is always with Dev and goes to meet him at his office. They both like each other’s company.


Raman gets some call and thinks its Ishita’s call. He could not hear anything. He asks Romi to trace the call. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to say at what time Ishita left from home. He wanted to go to police station, but stops as kidnapper calls him. Kidnapper asks Raman not to inform police, else they will kill Ishita. Raman gets kidnapper’s phone details by Mihir’s help. Mihir also traces the van in which Ishita was kidnapped. Vandu recognizes the same van number. Vandu says she met with accident and same van has hit her. Mrs. Bhalla prays to Lord and wants Ishita to come back. Later, Ruhi gets scared seeing Raman shouting on the call. She does not go to Raman and sends Pihu. Raman showers love on Pihu and does not let her miss Ishita. Raman sits with Pihu and tells some stories. Raman cries and misses Ishita. Ruhi sees Raman with Pihu and cries. Pihu also makes Raman’s mood better. Ruhi misses her childhood and recalls moments with Raman.


Someone is attacking on Pragya. Pragya doesn’t want to die and trying to get saved to tell truth to Abhi. Nikhil and Tanu are after Pragya and want to do her accident before she reaches Abhi, and tells her truth.

Bhabhi ji GPH:

Vibhuti gets a dog to leave after Tiwari. He fills the dog’s ears against Tiwari and asks him to bite Tiwari. Tiwari sees the dog outside his gate and jokes on the dog. The dog gets angry and runs to bite Tiwari. Tiwari runs and saves his life. The dog will get against Vibhuti also, and that would make Vibhuti to leave the dog back.



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