Thapki falls prey to Dhruv’s wicked plans…



Dhruv thanks Shraddha for wearing Thapki’s clothes and getting Thapki back in her life. He knows Shraddha is helping Thapki and asks her to help him against Bihaan. He says I have seen Thapki’s clothes in her cupboard and blackmails her about her attempt to get Thapki killed. He says I have those two goons whom you sent to put Thapki in tree and kill her. She asks how can you blackmail me. He warns her and says if you try to harm my Thapki, you will be hanged, I will punish and hang you.

Later, Thapki has gone to help Dhruv. She gets Dhruv’s love letter and gets angry. She scolds him. He asks her not to misunderstand him and the letter is old. He shows the old date. He apologizes to her and Shraddha. She is in dilemma whether to believe Dhruv or not. She leaves. Bihaan comes and asks Dhruv about Thapki. Dhruv tells him about appointment letter, Thapki wants to join my channel, but she changed her mind and has torn the letter by killing her desires. Bihaan worries thinking why did Thapki not share this with him.


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