Suraj to show concern for Imli; Vivaan makes an exit



Everyone is stunned when Chakor tells them the truth of Imli’s pregnant. Bhuvan and Kasturi get angry on Imli, and take her to their house, as Vivaan leaves for London. Tejaswini asks Suraj why did he not manage to get Imli’s child aborted. Suraj tells her that he has asked Imli to go to Lucknow and abort the baby, but Imli did not agree saying she will manage her baby alone. Chakor hears Suraj and Tejaswini’s talk. She gets some plan and tells them that she will convince Imli to abort the child.

Chakor accompanies Tejaswini to meet Imli. They meet Imli and try to convince her to abort the baby, as Vivaan has also left her now, and no one would give father’s name to the baby. Suraj tells Chakor that he does not care for Imli’s chid. Imli apologizes to Kasturi and Bhuvan for her big mistake, and agrees to abort her child. Tejaswini tells Suraj that Imli agreed for abortion and has gone to hospital. Suraj gets shocked and worried for child. He rushes to hospital to stop Imli from aborting the child. Will Suraj accept his love for Imli and give his name to their child? Keep reading.


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