Thapki and Dhruv outdo each other’s plans


Thapki is crying as Bihaan has gone away from her because of Dhruv. Thapki scolds Dhruv for filling poison in Bihaan’s heart, but tells him that he can never make her and Bihaan separated. Bihaan refuses to marry Thapki and ends ties with her. He doubts on her, and thinks Thapki cares for Dhruv more. She shows him Dhruv’s letter to prove she is right, but the paper turns blank. Bihaan does not believe her. He thinks Dhruv’s friendship is more important for her than their love. Dhruv is very happy and thinks Thapki will accept him. Dadi comes there and Dhruv changes his words. Thapki thinks to explain Bihaan by doing something. She takes Shraddha’s help.

Thapki and Shraddha stand in the fire ring and ask Bihaan to help them first. Bihaan gets confused and runs to save his Bhabhi Shraddha first. Thapki argues with Bihaan saying Shraddha is more important for him. Bihaan tells her that Shraddha was close to fire, and Thapki was at some distance. Thapki did this to clear the misunderstanding between them, as Dhruv played similar trick to break Bihaan’s trust on Thapki, when Thapki saved Dhruv before Bihaan. Bihaan apologizes to Thapki and they get back together again.


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