Ishita and Ruhi to locate Shagun

Will Ishita find out Shagun's ulterior motives?


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein made one of the effective characters negative. Shagun has turned negative by the series of events around her. She feels Ishita is snatching her world again. Ishita’s lovey dovey togetherness with Raman is hurting Shagun. Shagun joins hands with Niddhi and makes a plan to hurt Ishita. Shagun has agreed to mart Mani by a plan to stay close to Raman. She does not want to leave from Raman’s life. Shagun acts like a great sacrificing Devi and leaves from their lives.


Meanwhile, Pihu falls ill and insists to have food and medicine by Shagun only. Though Ishita manages Pihu, she thinks of Shagun’s sudden leave. Ishita and Ruhi are worried thinking where did Shagun go leaving ill Pihu at home. They go out and reach some place.


Abhishek comes to help them. Abhishek will be saving Ishita from troubles. Abhishek informs Ishita about Shagun’s location. Shagun meets Ishita. Ishita asks Shagun why did she lie that she is going out of city. Shagun accepts her lie and becomes great in Ishita’s eyes saying she wanted Ishita to have bonding with Pihu. Ishita cries and gets indebted to Shagun for her big sacrificing step.


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