Positive communication necessary towards young children


Children in age groups 3-8 years are moreover inclined to social platforms and video sites for spending hours of time, which should have been rather invested in studies and indoor-outdoor activities. It has become a common thing to see many children watching toys and games videos on youtube.

Children are not enjoying the natural resources around them. Being online all the time are giving goosebumps to the concerned parents, who want kids to live a healthy childhood and not get acquainted with electronics too early in their toddler years.

Parents should deal with children’s issues by being concerned, not authoritarian or neglected. Many children are having issues like fears, temper, stubbornness, having an attitude and being unresponsive to anything. Their behavioral issues arises when parents could not give them enough time. Children should be chosen over work.

A parent can fill faith in a child and make him get rid of every fear. Positive and simple approach towards the child would have child grow with a clear mind. There should be good communication between parent and child. That would enable growth and emotional support by parents’ timely coaching.If you find this post interesting, you can leave opinion to trigger further discussions.


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