Shraddha attempts to kill Thapki


Shraddha is trying to kill Thapki. She enters Thapki’s room with a motive to kill Thapki. She gets water bucket and puts water near Thapki’s bed. She keeps a life wire lying in water to electrocute Thapki. Thapki confronts Shraddha about her step. Shraddha hates Thapki as Dhruv is completely inclined in Thapki’s love.

Thapki wants to know why is Shraddha is doing this, when Shraddha was helping her. Shraddha clears out to her that she was always helping Dhruv in his plans, but she can’t see Dhruv winning Thapki, as that would mean she has lost Dhruv. She attacks on Thapki and pushes her on the bed.

Dhruv comes there and stops Shraddha. He saves Thapki and fails Shraddha’s plan. He pulls off the live wire and warns Shraddha that he would kill her if she tries to kill Thapki. Dhruv is Thapki’s savior and threatens Shraddha to stay away from Thapki. Dhruv’s madness for Thapki is increasing. Thapki got Shraddha troubling her again.

Thapki is fallen in many problems. Bihaan ended relations with her, but Thapki is sure she will get Bihaan’s love back. Bihaan goes to talk to family members to refuse for marriage, but Thapki stops him in nick of the time.


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