Dhruv attempts to knock off Bihaan from his way


Dhruv plans another trick to separate Thapki and Bihaan. After Bihaan apologizes to Thapki, and patches up with her, Dhruv got worried as marriage date got close. Bihaan went to the well to do a rasam, but finds Vasundara’s saree in the water. Bihaan gets inside the well by a rope to find Vasundara, by thinking wrong. Dhruv planned to send Bihaan there and fool him about Vasundara.

Dhruv cuts the rope by which Bihaan hangs. Bihaan falls in the well and sinks. He struggles and tries to come out of the well. Thapki looks for Bihaan. Bihaan whistles to make Thapki and everyone know his location. Thapki recalls giving a whistle to Bihaan and hears the sound. Thapki finds him in the well, and calls entire family there to help Bihaan. The family pulls out Bihaan from the well. Thapki understands that Dhruv has tried to harm Bihaan. Will Thapki speak up the truth to family? Keep reading.


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