Mansi’s re-entry to cause more troubles for Gopi


Gopi tells Kokila that someone has added cow dung in the sacks. Pari has ruined Gopi’s happiness and added cow dung. Urmila gets Pari’s bindi near the sacks. She tells Kokila that she will not leave Paridhi this time. Gopi and Kokila were making Prasad. They thought this contract will be beneficial for their business, but Pari spoiled things.

Kokila and Gopi pray to Kanha ji. Kokila is worried for the new trouble in the saree business. The big contract got cancelled. The man tells them to return money and blames them for delivering bad quality sarees. Kokila thinks they can’t get such big amount to return to the man, and they have to mortgage Modi Bhavan. Mansi have joined hands with Pari to trouble Gopi.



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