Shagun instigates Pihu to trouble Ishita


Ishita makes Pihu eat food. Pihu is happy and have food. She bites her finger. Ishita gets hurt. Pihu apologizes to her. Ishita says it is okay. It is surprising to see Ishita teaching Pihu how to bite finger rightly. Shagun instigates Pihu and asks her to trouble Ishita. She has filled hatred in Pihu’s heart.

Pihu thinks she is Shagun’s daughter. Pihu’s plans back fires when she tries to put oil on Ishita and keeps bottle near the door, but it falls on Shagun’s saree ruining it. Shagun makes an excuse and tells about Pihu’s school project in which she has to balance oil bottle. She goes to change her saree. Little Pihu doesn’t know that Shagun is using her to take revenge. Pihu will apologize to Ishita when she comes to know that she is her real mum. Ishita will get love of her both daughters.


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