Obsessed Raja kidnaps Rani and gets injured


Raja has turned negative and troubling Rani in his obsessed love. He wants Rani to be always in his sight and made her sign a contract by which she has to work for him in any circumstances. But Rani being annoyed with Raja quits her job. Raja reminds her job contract and threatens to send her to jail. Rani leaves from the palace seeing Raja’s psycho love.

Raja gets to know about Rani’s leaving and kidnaps her. Raja kidnaps her and takes her to some isolated place. He drinks wine and gets over drunk. He speaks out of his dream of marrying Rani and and asks Rani why does she not love him. Rani tries to run away from Raja. She hits on Raja’s head seeing his madness and pushes him. The lantern’s broken glass pierces his chest. In a shocking moment, Raja get much injured and Rani will do the aid while crying and expressing love. Their romance starts again. Raja does not let Rani leave and hugs her. It’s definitely ‘Yeh Ishq Nai Aasaan’ for Rani. How will she deal with Raja and will his mad doings end her love for Raja? Keep reading.



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