Thapki turns Bihaan’s savior once again


Thapki goes in search of Bihaan. Bihaan gets sinking and then recalls the whistle gifted by Thapki. Bihaan blows the whistle on time, while the family reaches very close to the well. Thapki identifies the whistle sound and reaches Bihaan. The family gets a huge shock seeing Bihaan sinking in the well. They instantly get a rope near the well and use it to pull Bihaan out.

Bihaan is rescued by Thapki once again, and this fails Dhruv’s plan. Dhruv was hoping to get Bihaan out of his way by drowning him in the well, but Thapki’s timely consciousness about Bihaan being in trouble made her save her love. Bihaan is taken home and pampered by everyone’s concern. Bihaan tells them how he saw Vasundara’s saree sinking inside the well and jumped to save Vasundara by assuming she is drowning.

Vasundara gets touched by Bihaan’s goodness and love. She is not aware that her own son Dhruv is scheming Bihaan’s death. Thapki doubts on Dhruv and gets confirmed by the known saree seller, that Dhruv has bought similar saree like Vasundara.

Thapki now decides to not give any chance to Dhruv. Dhruv plans to injure Bihaan and lays a trap in storeroom. But, Thapki goes to storeroom instead Bihaan. Dhruv rushes to stop Thapki before she falls prey to his plan’s bad effect.


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