Quick tips for baby-care during Monsoon


Concentrating on special care for babies and young children in monsoon is very much important, as they get influenced by infections and unhygienic conditions around by the on shower of rains. Moreover, babies need special attention regarding their personal hygiene. Keeping baby clean and hygienic would keep infections at bay. Check the ten tips for baby/children care.

1. Necessary Vaccinations for flu and cold.

2. Changing baby bedsheets and keeping them tidy helps.

3. Using anti-fungal liquid to wash baby clothes.

4. Keeping baby fresh by every day bath.

5. Checking babies for any fungal infections.


6. Keeping doctor-prescribed medicines handy.

7. Avoiding diapers, and changing clothing more frequently.

8. Keeping house clean and dry, for baby to roam around without any worry.

9. Preparing baby food with all hygienic conditions checked.

10. Feeding boiled water to baby to avoid water-borne diseases.


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