Shaan to get arrested for Rajni’s murder


An irritated Shaan takes Rajni to his lab to reboot her memory, as he gets fed up of her vamp mode activated on the instructions of Surili. Rajni manages to expose Samaira infront of Shaan. Shaan feels devastated to know that Samaira has ruined his lab electronics to frame Rajni. He can’t believe that she can indulge in such activities. Later Rajni scares everyone holding hunter. Shaan takes her to lab. A new neighbor see Shaan doing something to Rajni and misunderstand the situation. She calls the Police.

Police comes to arrest Shaan on the charges of Rajni’s murder. Neighbor tells that he has seen with her eyes that he was pulling her hand. She accuses him for killing Rajni and hiding her body. Shaan makes excuses that Rajni went out, but Inspector is not convinced. Neighbor shows a different angle and tells Inspector that they might have killed her for dowry. Surili gets shocked and says they didn’t torture her for dowry or anything. Everyone give their reasoning to protect themselves.


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