Play N Learn – Good way to learn with fun


Pushing kids towards studies won’t work all the time. The child maybe much hardworking and good at studies, but constant revision is always needed to keep in touch with all the notes and material set for the exam. Children may delay studies and go for play, while their mind starts losing out the right impressions. Mothers are the first most teachers for children. After school hours, loosening a kid just to play is feasible, but not a productive way to develop child’s interest in studies.

By game play, children can learn lots more without putting pressure on their minds. There shouldn’t be any thought in a child that they are pushed towards studies during non-study hours. Mothers can make the child revise all the chapters by making them involved in easy play and learn methodology. While a child attends school as a student, the child can be effective as a teacher at home.


The role playing will cause a level of responsibility in them. They would enjoy to teach something new to their mothers, elder or younger siblings. They will feel joyful to be at teacher’s place and see their family members as hardworking students. While teaching others at home, the children can go through what all their mind adapted at school. This informal study – repetitive technique can make the child memorize things better. It sharpens child’s memory and managerial skills at an early age. Children learn better being at authoritative place, than feeling feeble and suppressed by study pressures.

Listed below are some simple to implement ways to make child more focused.

1. Don’t restrain children
2. Involve them in authoritative role-playing for good study
3. Turn their native fears into speech-to-share
4. Ask them to teach you what they learnt
5. Play memory buildup games
6. Indulge them in outdoor activities
7. Direct them towards productive thoughts
8. Read out moral stories at bedtime
9. Pass on knowledge via indirect discussion
10. Make their study non stressful


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