Raja-Rani’s first day at college with many twists


Raja and Rani are at college. Its their first day. They both get stuck in library. Rani locks the door and key slips out of the door. Raja asks what did she do, how will they go out. He wonders who will come to free them now. Rani starts laughing and tells him that her presence really affects him. She wants to make him realize he loves her. Raja also laughs seeing her cheerful laugh.

Raja acts like he does not care for her. Bindu keeps a party for welcoming Raja in the college. Rani knows how to get Raja’s attention. Rani sings Yeh ladka haye rabba…… and stops him. Bindu plans to make ceiling fan fall over Rani and hurt her. Before Raja would sense this and save Rani, Jeevan comes there and pulls Rani away. Jeevan saves Rani’s life. This infuriates Raja again. What will Rani do to deal with Bindu’s schemes? Keep reading.

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