More of Mohabbatein and good moments


Ishita is ragged in the college as she has taken admission in MBA college to handle Raman’s business. She doesn’t lose strength or panic, and enjoys ragging with confidence. Raman comes there, gets angry and scolds her new friends. Ishita asks him to relax and says nobody is ragging me. They are kids infront of me. All the students get impressed with Ishita’s behavior and coolness, but the girls call Raman as uncle. The guys in the college praise Raman for encouraging his wife to study at this age. Raman gets glad and smiles.

Later, Raman’s hand gets little burnt while making cookies for children. Ishita applies ointment on Raman’s hand with love. Raman gets touched by her gesture and massage her hand to relieve her tiredness. He hugs her and smiles. Ishita brings gift for Raman and showers love on him. Raman gets happy. Very soon Adi’s Mohabbatein with Aaliya will be shown and Raman will become his love guru. There is a Raksha bandhan celebration in the show.


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